October 2013 Book Haul

I’m really surprised I did so well the last two months. I didn’t go to any book stores, I missed the library sale this month and other than a couple of pre-orders and couple of books bought at a local used book sale to raise money for something – I think it was figure skating, I barely bought any books. I total I brought 12 new books into the house. I think this is the best month yet, especially since it actually encompasses two months.

Now a couple of these books I read and already own, but I could not turn down a hard cover copy of Black Beauty in excellent condition. I couldn’t turn down buying Shogun because while I have it in hard cover it is also only the first half of the book, so this paperback is the full book and will find a good place on my shelf to live until I can read it. I’m hoping to show as much restraint in buying books for the rest of the year as I did the last two months, then perhaps I can finally start reading more books than I bring into the house and make a dent in the pile of unread books I have.

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