October 2022 Bokksu – Otsukimi Harvest

Every month, I look forward to the arrival of my Bokksu subscription. This monthly box is filled with traditional Japanese snacks from snack makers that have been around for nearly 100 years. Each month highlights a different theme, area of Japan, or flavor. The October 2022 Bokksu theme is Otsukimi Harvest.  Otsukimi is the moon-viewing festival when people gather to show their thankfulness for a good harvest this year and hope for one next year. This box is filled with flavors of autumn and focuses on black and yellow snacks to signify the night sky and the moon.

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October 2022 Bokksu – Otsukimi Harvest

Black Sesame Dango Mochi

I have a strong dislike of anything black sesame flavored – I find it too strong and acrid to enjoy. However, my husband enjoyed black sesame, so I had him try this one.

Handmade Earl Grey Candy

I loved the look of these candies. The taste was light and I enjoyed them quite a bit.

Yamitsuki Fried Potato: Roasted Miso

I’m not the biggest fan of miso-flavored items, I find the flavor to be a bit strong and unwelcoming. However, These fried potato snacks were alright. The miso flavor was fairly light and I only started to notice it after eating several of them. In small quantities they were good but I couldn’t imagine eating a bunch in one sitting.

Lunan: Onegai Kabocha Pumpkin

I have not tried many pumpkin-flavored items, but this one was surprisingly good. The flavor was light and the cookie was light and moist. It certainly had that autumn feel to it.

Hoshi-Imoyasan No Sweet Potato Langue De Chat

I’ve tried a few different flavors of Langue de Chat over the last year or so through Bokksu. This sweet potato once was pretty good. Honestly, I would have never guessed that it was sweet potato flavored when I tried it. The flavor was light and complimented the cookie.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Gomadare Mochi

I’m normally a huge fan of mochi puffs, but unfortunately for me, these ones are black sesame flavored. So, I did the only logical thing I could think of, I gave them to my husband to try. He really enjoyed them. They were light, melt-in-your-mouth good with an explosion of black sesame flavor.

Konaya Curry Senbei

These were fantastic! A nice curry flavor that gave the cracker a slight spice but not too much heat. Certainly one of my favorite snacks from this month’s Bokksu.

Goma Fukurou Black Sesame Bites

Another item I gave to my husband to try. He said they had a nice addictive crunchiness to them and a rich flavor.

Grilled Corn Uma Sen Rice Crackers

I always get excited when there are corn-flavored snacks in my Bokksu. This was another fantastic treat. The sweetness of the corn paired well with the soy sauce to make a perfect treat. The only downside is that there was only one bag of these crackers. I could have easily eaten more.

Black Warabi Mochi

The final item that I give to my husband to try. Surprisingly sweet but an odd combination of textures. He enjoyed these. Though he had seeds stuck in his teeth for quite some time after eating them.

Usagi No Shippo Cookie: Ocha Green Tea

I believe I have had this cookie or one very similar to it in the past, so I knew I would enjoy it. The cookie is soft and has a nice mellow tea flavor – this is especially good since I’m not the biggest fan of tea. I’m glad the box includes 2 cookies because they are that good.

Yuzu Peel Honey Honey Chips

I think I have had something similar in the past. These little yuzu peel pieces had a nice citrus kick to them with a hint of sourness as well. In small portions, they are quite good.

Setouchi Lemon Pie

The texture was a little strange with his one. It was flaky but also almost seemed stale. The lemon flavor was light but it was hard to fully enjoy it because of the texture.

Hojicha Crunch Chocolate

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. The flavor wasn’t overly strong but it had a nice crunch. I can’t say that I tasted the chocolate but overall, I quite enjoyed this one.

Kanalce: Kanazawa Earl Grey Cake

This small slice of cake was so soft and moist you would think it was freshly baked that morning. I can’t say that I tasted the Earl Grey in it, but it did have a slight citrus flavor to it that made it very enjoyable.

Organic Hojicha Tea

I have had this tea before and it is alright. I’m sure that someone who enjoys tea would like it more than I do, but I also make sure to have the tea along with some of the snacks. This tea was also found in the February 2022 Bokksu.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the October 2022 Bokksu. Have you tried Bokksu?


    1. They were really good. Highly recommend giving Bokksu a try.

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