October 2023 Goals & September Review

October is here and that means it’s time to make another batch of monthly goals. As the end of the year approaches, the months tend to get busier. This leads me to adjust my goals quite a bit so that I can keep up with everything without burning out. Before we get to my October 2023 goals, let’s take a moment to see how I did with September’s goals.

September Review

September was decently busy as I tackled a good chunk of garden work and began to knock out some of our winter prep work as well. Even so, I did pretty well with my goals


  • Read at least 5 books. Yes. I managed to read quite a bit more than my goal.
  • Clear out my Crunchyroll to-watch list. Yes. I managed to watch 1 season of Laid-Back Camp and 1 season of Spy x Family.
  • Weed the garden. My husband tackled most of this, but I would say it was a success.
  • Harvest the garden. As predicted, there wasn’t a ton to pick this month, but I did grab whatever was ready to harvest.
  • Prep the garden for winter. Somewhat. The weather was oddly warm this month, which meant I put off a lot of this because the plants are still producing and I want them to grow as long as possible.


  • Continue to post regularly. Yes. I did manage to post at least once a week.
  • Work on updating old posts. No. This one fell to the wayside.
  • Create pin images. Barely. I made a few pin images but not as many as I had hoped to make.
  • Work out October’s post schedule. Yes. However, I will say, that at the very end of the month, I basically scrapped the whole thing when I realized how busy October would be.
  • Reply to comments in a timely manner. I did okay with this. Some I replied to quickly, others waited a long time.

October 2023 Goals

October is going to be an incredibly busy month so I am slashing my goals so I can focus on what needs to get done.


  • Read at least 5 books. While I will be busy this month, I still want to do as much reading as I can.
  • Finish winter prep. This is where most of my time will be going this month. There are plenty of big and small jobs to get done before the snow flies.

I hope you enjoyed my October 2023 goals. What goals have you set for the month?

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