Book Review: Queen of Swords

So I will admit I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this book after reading he first sentence. That caught me by surprise and while part of me wanted to laugh at how crazy it was the other part of me was a bit worried as to how the rest of the book would play out after that

The characters were a bit average, I can’t say that Ophelia or Boone stood out as amazing leads however they did a decent job of fulfilling those roles. Ophelia did grow on me as her character matured over the course of the book but I can’t say that Boone showed his true potential in the main male character role. The secondary characters were an interesting mix of not only personalities but species, I liked Jenny and a few of the other ones, though their roles were small enough that I can’t say I got to know them good enough to truly judge their characters as a whole.

The world that the story is set in is pretty interesting and the humans, specifically those from Sanctify, that are trying to wipe out all the other species is an interesting but slightly overdone concept. There are a number of books that have similar plot lines behind them in that sense where one species, generally human but sometimes an alien race, is trying to erase all the others from existence for the humans become the only race.

The flow of the story was fairly good, there seemed to always be something happening even if it wasn’t much. The romance was the main focus of the book while the other parts of the story coming in secondary. However I do feel that a few things were far too rushed in this book, namely Ophelia and Boone’s relationship and the subsequent result of that one night stand which turned into love.

I wasn’t fond of the idea of Ophelia being a part of this looks like a human but isn’t a human race. I’m not saying that alien races can’t look human but for this story I found it less than appealing that she could blend in with the other humans, with the major difference being her eyes. Also the whole Tarot card reading that her species did seemed a bit out of place, that gave things a more fantasy than science fiction feel. I realize it was a way for a Diviner to channel the Lady, which was their goddess in a sense, but I just thought it odd.

Another issue I had were a number of similarities between scenes in this book and the Star Wars movies. Namely the male lead, while being a prince, basically played the role of smuggler to try to save his people, when his ship is first shown Ophelia makes a comment on how it looks like it shouldn’t be able to fly and later on one of his co-pilots is a bit furry alien. And of course the romance between Boone and Ophelia. All these things reminded me too much of certain characters and scenes from Star Wars. I do realize that this could be the authors homage to Star Wars and to a greater extent the romance between Han and Leia but I feel it was such a huge part of the story that I couldn’t really focus on this book without constantly seeing Star Wars popping up on every page. I also realize that when it comes to Science Fiction most stories will have some similarities, especially when it comes to technology and space travel but these few instances were just too similar for my liking.

Overall I did enjoy this book. It was a quick read and had a pretty interesting story line though I would have liked it to be a bit longer so those few events that were too fast could be given the proper time to develop and that more of the world could be shown. I would recommend this book to those people who enjoy romance but are looking for something with that Science Fiction feel to it. There are two more books coming out in this series, one focusing on Jenny and the other on a character whose name currently eludes me, which I may check out when they are published.

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