Review: Beyond The Dark Portal

The war between orcs and humans is still raging on, and now it is moving from Azeroth to the orcs home world of Draenor. This is the book I was looking forward to. Sure I had enjoyed the previous novels up to this point, but getting to revisit Draenor, which as a WoW player I knew it as Outlands, was great.

Things start off in Azeroth and the heroes from the previous novels are doing their best to stop the continuing onslaught from the orc Horde. The main characters are the same, though some have started to take on slightly different roles, their overall goals are the same, stop the Horde and save Azeroth. But of course this is no easy task. These characters have grown quite a bit since their first appearance, especially Khadgar and Turalyon. These two have really matured over time, learning how to lead and accepting that even they have faults that must be overcome, and that if they are not, the consequences could be dire.

As things move into Draenor, we get a closer look into the orc home world and how their society is run. True, it has changed some since their world began to change and die, but overall it certainly showcases how the clans work together and separately, and how each clan differs from one another.

While there is plenty of fighting throughout this story, I found it to be less than in the previous novel, Tides of Darkness, which in a way made things move a bit slower. Even so, there is plenty of things happening during the book and with the Alliance army working their way through this strange new world, encountering races they have never seen or heard of before and trying to determine whether they can be trusted or not.

Overall, I found this to be a good book. It had a steady pace, lots of characters – both new and old, and enough action to keep me turning the pages. I’d definitely recommend this book, but would suggest to read the others in the series first to make sure you are completely caught up on the overall story lone before diving into this one. I look forward to continuing this series.

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