Review: Day of the Dragon

I don’t know what to say. After reading several great Warcraft/World of Warcraft books, I was expecting this one to be good as well. Yet from page one I found myself disappointed. It felt as though nothing was happening for the longest time. There were people standing and talking, walking and talking, sitting and talking and not much else. Even when there were bursts of action, they came and went far too quickly and then it all returned to the boring state of nothingness. I understand that the kingdoms are in a time of peace, so there shouldn’t be a lot of action to begin with, but even so, it just felt far too slow throughout.

Even the characters felt bland. I didn’t so much mind Vereesa and Falstad. They made an kind of interesting team throughout the majority of the novel. True Vereesa wasn’t your typical elf, and in a way, that gave her character something special, but not enough for me to truly like her. As far as Rhonin went, well I disliked him the most. I can’t really explain it, his character just never felt whole or worthy of my attention.

While this story had a fairly steadily progressing story line, it seemed to take forever for anything to really happen, and when it did, I felt a bit disappointed. After slogging through all those pages, it felt like it was too little, too late. What everything boiled down to was essentially a story about manipulation on various fronts. Even the presence of dragons couldn’t help it.

This was the first book written about Warcraft, so I can forgive it a bit since it had nothing but the games to base things off of. But had I read this book first, I would have been very leery about continuing on with the series. For those who do want to read every book in the series, obviously I would say don’t skip this one, just know that it will likely not be your favorite. Though who knows, it could appeal to others, but I personally found it my least favorite in the overall series so far.

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