Review: Erased Vol. 1

Erased is a manga that I might not have read. However, a couple months ago I was at the book store looking over the manga section, and displayed on the table were a number of manga and among the many volumes there was Erased. What made me pick it up, was how it stood out from all the others. All other covers were super colorful, where as this one is mostly white. I couldn’t help but have my eyes drawn to it, because it was so different from all the others. This prompted me to pick it up, see what it was about and I decided to get it, and I’m glad that I did.

I thought it was an interesting concept, for the main character, Satoru, to have the ability to move back in time a couple of minutes in order to prevent something from happen. To add an extra level to this, he has no control over this ability and it will continue to happen until he figures out what needs to be fixed. Imagine that, having to repeat the same few minutes over and over until you can spot something out of place, perhaps someone in danger, and then only after you fix that issue can you continue on with life. Now imagine that same ability suddenly transporting you back in time eighteen years. That is the basis of this manga.

I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t a complete fan of the artwork in this manga, but over time it grew on me. In fact, in a way, by the end, I really like it, because it was quite different from what I have come to expect from the manga’s that I have read before.

The story had me engrossed from page one and before long I was at the end. I loved watching Satoru struggle with reliving his childhood, while retaining all his memories, and seeing how he adapts to situations he already did years ago. Not to mention, he has that mission, thanks to his time travel ability, to spot what is wrong and do his best to fix it. Really my only complaint that it was over far too quickly and I wanted to keep going, but sadly the second volume wasn’t out yet. I have a feeling this series will become one of my favorite manga, especially if the following volumes are as good as this one was. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

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