Review: Fairest of All

When it comes to books, and movies, I really love villains. I always want the bad guys to win, though they rarely do. I find that they are the most important part to the story, for without them the hero has no reason to really exist. So when I found out that they were releasing books about the villains from Disney movies, I was excited, especially since I loved the Maleficent movies.

My hopes of a great Evil Queen story were dashed.

I’ll admit, that at first I liked this book. It was nice to see the Queen before she turned so wicked, to see exactly what pushed her into the obsession with beauty, how she acquired the mirror and why she hated Snow White so much, especially given that Snow White is her step daughter.

What really killed this book for me was the three sisters who seemed to have a hand in everything. Lucinda, Ruby and Martha, were such an odd trio. There addition, and subsequent manipulation, of the story made me totally hate everything. I don’t know why there had to be this outside influence.

I’m sure that some people will enjoy this story, but I personally did not enjoy it. It started out great but the quickly disintegrated into something that insulted Disney, in my opinion. I will read the others in the series, mostly because I already own them, and in hope that I find a better story in the following books.

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