Review: Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Foundation has been a book on my SciFi radar for some time, however, I tended to keep avoiding reading it because it was a classic, and in general classics and me do not get along. But finally I decided it was time to stop avoiding and start reading this book. After all, I’d never know if I would like it or not if it sat forever ignored on my shelf.

The book started off good enough, and while it didn’t have my complete attention, I didn’t really want to put it down either. I did find the little snippets from the encyclopedia at the beginning of each chapter a bit confusing at times. It’s like the author was trying to give a little extra info but not the whole tidbit. The flow was a bit slow as the story went on, however, I didn’t find that it really dipped off so much that I didn’t want to continue, though I would have given anything for a bit of action or something else to pull me fully back into the book.

There was a definite lack of female characters in this novel. In fact, I can only really remember one and her role was so small it can almost be ignored. The remaining characters were a decent mix of personalities and some helped to move the story along more than others. I can’t say that any of them stood out as one to remember, or played any major role, though I might have missed something.

I did find that the focus of the book was on the politics of the planet. I found this disappointing in a way, because I was expecting a Science Fiction novel, not a space politics story. There were also very few mentions of the technology, which in many SciFi novels are a large part of what puts them into that genre. There was a pretty big focus on the planets use of nuclear power, and how other planets had abandoned such technology. Outside of this and a few descriptions of small bits of technology, there wasn’t much beyond the politics.

In the end, I felt pretty neutral about this book, I didn’t like it, nor did I hate it, it was simply okay. I may one day continue on with the series, however I am in no big rush to do so. But I am glad that I finally could knock this one off of my list.

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