Review: Havoc by Ann Aguirre

This book is everything I have come to love from Ann Aguirre’s writing. After reading Perdition, which was pretty good but lacking in something, I was so happy to see that Havoc knocked it out of the park. I don’t know if I can do this book justice in this review, but I will try.

I absolutely love when a book starts off with a burst of action. It really set the tone of the novel right from page one, as the action continued throughout the entire book. I honestly wasn’t sure how things would go for this book, since I decided to not read the synopsis first, but I knew immediately that I would really love this one.

With the prison under siege, the prisoners are truly in a fight for their lives, more so than they were before when the different factions fought for control. Being put into that situation really helped to push the characters to become more inventive, as their weapons were far more primitive than the group they were up against. This also helped to push their characters beyond what they had become accustomed to in the months or years in the prison. They all had to dig deep and play on their strengths and weaknesses to get through it all.

As far as the characters go, there is a good amount of character development, as well as more background about many of them including Dred, Jael, Martine and Tam. I enjoyed finding out just a bit more about these characters, as there was very little of that in the previous novel. I liked that we got to see Dred really tap into her true power and potential as things progressed. Before she wasn’t all that strong, especially when trying to personify the Dread Queen, but now she really is embracing that title in her own way. I did want to know a bit more about Vost, one of the new characters, but I feel like what information was given about him was good enough for the book. Perhaps there will be more about him in the final book of the trilogy.

I really wish I could go into a bit more detail, however I do not want to ruin this book, or Perdition, for those who have no read them yet.

This novel was fantastic. It was action packed, violent (which I loved), fast paced, romance filled and had some moments where I couldn’t help but laugh because of the situation that popped up. One in particular involved Tam and Martine. I could not put this book down. I am really looking forward to reading the final book in the trilogy. These books are great and I would highly recommend them to everyone.

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