Review: In Shade And Shadow

In Shade And Shadow is the first book in the second series in the Noble Dead Saga. Having recently finished the first series, I was eager to continue on and see what the second series had in store.

This book has a huge hump at the start. Honestly, I really struggled through the first hundred pages of this book. I just couldn’t get into it. The pace was so slow it wasn’t even funny, there were so many new characters being introduced I couldn’t keep track of all of them, and most of all, I found the lack of Magiere and Leesil to really hamper things. Wynn had always been a, I hate to say it, somewhat pointless character in the first series, and with this series focusing on her, I worry it will drag through all three books.

I nearly gave up on this one. If it had have been any other book, or any other series, I would have tossed into into my did not finish pile and moved on. However, I really want to read this entire series, so I can be done with it, and to get the the third series which focuses back on Magiere and Leesil. So, I slogged through it, telling myself that it would get better. Hoping that I was right.

Luckily, it did pick up. After that one hundred page hump, things started to get more interesting. I still couldn’t keep half the characters straight in my head, but at least the pace was picking up and the plot seemed to actually be going somewhere. It still didn’t have the appeal of Dhampir, but at least I didn’t want to throw the book across the room anymore.

One thing that annoyed me was all the special terms for everything. I get that authors want to give their book something that makes them unique, so they aren’t using the same terminology as every other book, especially when it comes to the fantasy genre, but oh my goodness, I couldn’t keep up with all the special names for everything. Not only were they hard to read/pronounce, there were so many of them that, like so many of the characters names, I couldn’t keep track of what was what. I wasn’t sure if I was reading about the city guards or a branch of the sage guild or something else. Sometimes, it’s better to just call them guard than trying to get fancy – especially when everything else has a fancy name.

I’m still not sure how I will feel about this series. It didn’t have the strongest start, but perhaps it will continue to pick up as it continues. Wynn’s character certainly has a long way to go to break out of her boring character bubble and become someone who I care about. Overall, this book was just simply okay. I will keep reading the series and hope that it does get better.

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