Review: Kiss The Earl

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

Having read and enjoyed the previous two books in the Geek Girls series, I was looking forward to this book. I do enjoy the idea of time traveling heroines who must find their true love in the past, and it certainly leads to a lot of interesting exchanges between them.

I liked Ella’s character. She was a spunky go-getter whose love of comic books has landed her in her dream job of being the artist of her favorite comic book. While Patrick was you typical upper crust man who spoke only of honor and duty, but was secretly wanting to do not so honorable things to Ella. These two combines meant there were quite a few funny moments along the way.

The book has a pretty good flow to it, a decent amount of action and some laugh inducing moments. There are some parts though where I really had to question what the characters were thinking. Yes, mistakes are easy to make, but sometimes you really have to wonder what the hell they thought would happen by doing that particular thing. Clearly it wasn’t thought through properly because it ended badly. Also there were a few moments when I had to shake my head. As much as it’s fun to read these books, there are some pretty unbelievable moments that happen. I’m not talking about the time travel either. I do question whether the author realized what she was doing in those few scenes.

One thing I didn’t care for was the title itself. I am pretty darn sure the book was originally called Geek Girl And The Reluctant Rake, and that title fit in really well with the series as a whole. So I was a bit disappointed when the book ended up simply being called Kiss The Earl. It’s an inconsistency in the series that will bother me, especially since I’m pretty sure this is the final book.

Overall, this was a fairly quick fun read. It’s similar to the other books in the series in some regards, but different enough that it is enjoyable. I’d recommend theis book to those who enjoy these types of quirky romances. If more books occur in this series I will be sure to read them.

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