Review: Marley & Me

Back in 2009, I ended up watching the movie Marley & Me. I had intended to read the book first, but that didn’t happen. I enjoyed the movie quite a yet, yet still had the desire to read the book to get the full story. Flash forward to 2017, when I finally got a chance to read the book.

This was a enjoyable and fairly quick read. Getting to read all about Marley’s escapades, from his rambunctious puppy days, to when he was an old, yet still very determined, dog was fun. I honestly could not imagine what it would be like to deal with a dog such as this. I’ve seen bad dogs, and read about them, but have had very little personal experience with them. Of course, if I did end up with a bad dog, I would probably stick with him/her, because that’s what a good dog owner does. Sure it would be a challenge, but hey if they can put up with Marley, then I could do the same with an equally bad dog.

This book certainly puts the challenges of dog ownership into the spotlight. Anyone can handle a good dog, but what about those that are high strung and a challenge to control? Marley was a good example of the ups and downs of owning a challenging dog. I could not imagine having to worry about how much of my house was destroyed each time a thunder storm happened. Or barely being able to control my dog while walking him around the city. And to have a heavy duty metal crate destroyed in a panic? Well, that’s one crazy dog.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I’ll admit, that the last few chapters, leading up to Marley’s death, were very hard to read. As a dog owner and lover, I don’t want to read about a dogs health declining and about making the call on when enough suffering is enough. And yet, it’s all a part of being a responsible dog owners.

Having owned a few dogs over the years, I count myself lucky that none of them were as bad as Marley was. Of course, I also know of one dog, that I feel could challenge Marley for the Worst Dog title.

I would recommend this book, and the movie, to dog lovers and those looking for a humorous story. This is also a great cautionary tale for future dog owners, so they know that not every dog is perfect, but what they add to your life is worth it in the end.

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