Review: Night of the Dragon

Well, Richard Knaak has done it again. He has written a World of Warcraft book that I hated, equally if not more so than I hated Day of The Dragon. Seems fitting almost that the sequel is no better than the first novel.

Admittedly, it didn’t start out all that badly. The first chapter or two didn’t exactly draw me in, nor did it send me running away. It was when Iridi made her appearance that I became a little intrigued. She is a character that doesn’t reveal her true identity right away, and the way that she spoke grabbed my attention. I believed that she may be just the thing this book needed, a new character that could bring some life to the story. And overall, her character was a little less flat that the others, yet in the end, I was disappointed with her as well. Yes, her contribution to the story was a fairly important one, but she never really shined either.

I won’t really go into much detail about what did happen in the book, because in the end, I felt like there wasn’t much happening. This book had the potential to be amazing, but instead it shat upon itself. The hero on a quest, a bad guy tossed their way, a stronger hero arrives just in time to meet an even stronger bad guy and so on, until somehow the heroes win.

I wish I could say that the fight scenes added something more to the story, but they didn’t. I was hoping that they would spark my interest, and perhaps they did for a second or two, but even they seemed dull and not really all that action packed.

So what did the story need to make it better? A better story line. Correction, an actual story line. Characters that had more…life to them. Action! Like a really good battle scene that has you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the outcome will be. Let’s not forget the lore. The bulk of World of Warcraft novels focus on the lore as much as the story itself, but the Knaak’s novels there is little to no lore. And last but not least, it needed for less predictability. I knew the outcome before I really even got into the novel – and you don’t need to have played World of Warcraft or read the other books to know what would happen.

I will continue on with this series because I do, in general, love the books. Unfortunately, there are a few more Warcraft books that I have yet to read that have been written by Knaak, so I will have to suffer through his writing some more. But hopefully the other books will make up for it with their superior writing and story telling.

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