Review: Owl and the Japanese Circus

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book.

When I first received this book about a year ago I was excited, it sounded like a neat concept and I was eager to read it. But first I had to finish some other books, so it got put on my bookshelf and very quickly buried among my hoard of unread books. It only recently made it’s way to the top of the pile, and with some help from my husband (he chose this as my next to-be-read book) I finally got a chance to read it.

After reading the synopsis, I was still thinking it sounded neat, but it also sounded a bit silly. Also, there was mention of vampires, so I was instantly thinking it would be bad. I tend to avoid books with vampires unless they come highly recommended from my book loving friends. But, I figured I’d give it a shot. At first, I wasn’t all that into it, but I stuck with it. Luckily for me, by the end of the first chapter I was pretty much sucked in.

I loved the various characters, and species, that were found in the book. And yes, that even includes some of the vampire characters. I really enjoyed Nadya’s character, she was the much needed level head to Owl’s somewhat chaotic approach to doing things. Rynn was another great addition, as he was mysterious at first, but throughout the book more and more of his layers were peeled back to expose who he was – though I have a feeling there is much more about him that is yet to be discovered. Heck, I even liked Alexander, one of the vampires. He was just that right mix of crazy and determined to make him quite interesting. Carpe was another interesting character who played a small yet important role in Owl’s journey.

However, I have to say, I really enjoyed Owl’s character. Some might think that liking the main character to a story is an obvious thing, but that’s not always the case, sometimes I like minor characters better. In the case of Owl, I liked her for a number of reasons. First off, she’s a gamer. As a gamer (somewhat former) myself, I tend to have an instant attraction to gamer characters in books. Secondly, she’s a flawed character. Owl makes a lot of rash decisions, which leads to a lot of mistakes – though some of those mistakes end of being in her favor. There is nothing worse that reading a book with a main character, or several characters, who are too damn perfect. Owl is far from perfect, and that is a big part of her appeal. Finally, I’ve always had a love of ancient history, so having a character with an archaeology background, is pretty awesome.

Also, have to say, while I’ve never been much of a cat person, I think that Owl’s cat, Captain, made a great addition to the story as well.

Another aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the video game that Owl played, World Quest. There is definitely something unique about this game (I kind of wish I could play it honestly) and some of the connections between what was happening in game and in the “real world” for Owl really made me stop and think. It does make me wonder if we will see a deeper connection between gaming and real life as this series continues.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It’s got great characters, an engaging story lines, lots of action and a whole myriad of other things that add to it’s appeal. If you are looking for a great paranormal book, then this may be the one to pick up. I cannot wait until the next book comes out to see what’s in store for Owl and her friends.

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