Review: Rebel Fay

I have slowly been working my way through the Noble Dead Series this year trying to finish it up. After a bit of a break after the previous novel, I was excited to read Rebel Fay. However, my excitement quickly waned.

I’m not sure what happened with this book. It started off fairly interesting and then I just couldn’t bother with it. I kept trying to pick it up, to squeeze a few pages out of it before I was forced to set it down again. The story felt slow, the characters felt bland and if I’m perfectly honest, I just didn’t give a shit about it.

But, because I am determined to finish this series, and since I enjoyed the previous novels, I persevered. It may have taken me about five months to finish, but I did it.

I will admit, that the closer to the end of the book I got, the more I enjoyed it. However, it was not enough to increase my overall view of the book. I think that there was so much backstory and standing around talking going on in the first half of the book that I just didn’t feel any sort of reason to keep reading. I wanted action, I wanted things to happened, I just wanted the character to get this silly side quest over with so we could get back to the good stuff.

I am sure that some readers out there would enjoy this book, and that’s fantastic if they do, but I didn’t. Though I didn’t care for this book, I will still continue on with the series. After all, the first four books were good, so I’m hoping that this was just a little bump in the road, and everything will go back to the way it was after this. I would still recommend this series to people who enjoy fantasy books as the series is pretty enjoyable if you ignore this one.

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