Review: The Last Guardian

For some time now, I have been interested in the stories revolving around the characters and worlds from Warcraft. Having played several of the Warcraft games growing up and then losing (devoting) almost nine years to playing World of Warcraft, I enjoy reading more about these characters and the world whenever I can. And with the Warcraft movie set to finally be released this year, I figured now was a good time to read through all the Warcraft and World of Warcraft books that I have yet to get to. In doing so, I am reading them in chronological order, skipping over the ones that I have already read.

I quite enjoyed The Last Guardian. It has been a number of years since I have played World of Warcraft, and since I have read any of the books in the series, so my knowledge of the lore and characters is a bit rusty. However, reading about Karazhan, I was immediately reminded of the long hours my raid group put in running that time and time again. It was actually really nice to read about the tower and it’s few occupants in a different light.

I have to say, that reading about the state of the towers library when Khadgar first arrived, the area being so chaotically unorganized but mostly that many of the books in a state of disrepair, made me cringe a bit. I always hate seeing books that are not in excellent condition, but reading about so many of them in such a bad state was like a readers worst nightmare. Luckily as the story progresses, Khadgar gets things in order there, and while some of the books are still broken, at least they are back on the shelves in a nice organized manner.

Characters wise, there aren’t all that many in this book. The main focus is on Khadgar and Medivh. Though others play parts in the book such as Moroes the servant, King Llane, the Champion Lothar and the half-orc Garona. There were a few other characters mixed in, but their roles were very small, either simply being mentioned, like in the case of Cook, or they were merely there to support a single scene and then were gone.

Khadgar was a fairly interesting character. I wasn’t sure exactly how old he was, but I would guess in his twenties or so. He grows quite a bit during his time at Karazhan, though at times I feel like he wasn’t being pushed enough, that there was/is so much more potential for him to grow. Medivh was an elusive character and it took until nearly the end of the book to learn much about him. He does harbor a dark secret, but again that is not revealed until late in the story. It did prove to be an interesting little turn of events. Garona’s part in the story was fairly small, and I really wish I could have seen more of her character, but I feel that that will come with future books.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It brought me back to the world of Warcraft (pun only slightly intended) and reintroduced me to some important characters. I look forward to reading the others books in this series and seeing how all these stories unravel – even if I do know some of them already.

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