Review: Tides of Darkness

The events of this book happen after the events of The Last Guardian, although I am not sure of the weeks/months that occur between the books. I did feel like there was a fairly good sized gap in the story between the events of the previous book and the start of this one. Perhaps those events are explained in a short story or one of the many comic books/manga, but it did feel like something major was left out at the beginning.

The story seemed to unfold in a pattern of waves of battle, followed by a slower point of regrouping and planning of the armies, then back to the action. This certainly helped to keep the flow of the story going throughout, but not overwhelm the reading with constant action. The slower parts were necessary is setting the tone of things, as armies tend to have a lull between battles where they can lick their wounds, assess supplies and sort out their next moves.

There were plenty of new characters introduced throughout the novel, with the majority of them being on the Alliance side, though still quite a few on the Horde side as well. On top of this, there was good character development from those character who had played roles in the previous novels, and it was nice to see that they were changing with the story as well, growing strong for the most part, but still showing off their weaknesses and thus where they needed to continue to improve themselves.

As the story progresses, we get to see multiple kingdoms within the world being affected by the Horde in various ways. Each kingdom, and it’s lands, offered either help or hindrance to the armies that were moving and battling across them. This also had consequences on several of the alliances between the kingdoms (not to be confused with the Alliance).

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It’s steady pace, variety of characters and action packed battled kept me glued to the pages. I look forward to reading the read of the series and would recommend this book to anyone who loved Warcraft/World of Warcraft.

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