Review: War Crimes

Back when I played World of Warcraft, I developed a very large dislike, perhaps even hatred, of Garrosh. So naturally, when I saw that a book was being released about his trial for all of the crimes he committed, I was immediately interested. The fact that it was written by Christie Golden was another bonus, because I have read and enjoyed several other books written by her in this series.

It took me a while to get into this book, and it never really fully gripped me. It was good, yes, but not great, not like I was hoping it would be. I think the fact that nearly the whole book was a long courtroom trial made it unappealing. Granted, I did think it was sort of interesting how they approached presenting the evidence, as normal word of mouth wasn’t good enough. Instead, they actually showed the events using the device from the Bronze Dragonflight. That part was pretty neat. I mean, how else can you guarantee you are getting an accurate account of events? Memories can fade or alter over time, and even emotions can affect them. So what better way to do it, then to actually pull up the event through time and show it as a mini movie for all to see.

Really outside of that, the book felt a bit flat. There was a decent amount of tension in this book, what else do you expect when Alliance and Horse are put in the same room for extended periods of time, but it just felt off. Sure, the Pandaren made it impossible to use any magic in the area, and the temple where the trial was held had a calming affect on everyone, but I felt like it needed something else. Something to make it more enjoyable to read, to really show the true nature of everyone present.

The few parts that weren’t directly tied to the trial were short and added very little to the story overall. And when the ending happened, I was a bit disappointed.

Overall, I liked the book, but I didn’t love it. It had some good moments, but it was a book that just read slow and took a bit too long to get to anything other than boring trial business. I am still glad that I read this book and look forward to continuing the series. Those who enjoy World of Warcraft will likely enjoy this novel, and the others in this series.

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