Review: Xena Prophecy of Darkness

Up until a few months ago, I didn’t know there were any Xena: Warrior Princess books written. I should have known, because it seems that most popular TV shows, whether they are current or older, seem to have books. So you can imagine my joy when I found some Xena books in a used book store. I bought all I could find, which sadly was only four of them, but I was very happy to have them. I chose to read Prophecy of Darkness first.

The book starts off just a bit slow, but not so much that it was a turn off. It was simply setting up everything for the rest of the book. One of the really great things about books like this, is not only does it give you more “episodes” of the show to enjoy, but it allows you to see exactly what characters are thinking and get to see their inner workings as they encounter danger or are tasked with a mission that may be beyond their normal abilities.

Xena and Gabrielle were very much like how I remembered them in the TV series. I would say that this book would fall somewhere near the beginning of the series, as it mentions Gabrielle’s lack of battle training, and as the series progressed she began quite proficient in fighting. It was fun to get to see these characters again and listen to their banter over camp fires, and read about Gabrielle’s thoughts towards Xena and vice versa.

The story has good flow to it, as the two travel the lands on the quest to find a seer and help to stop an event that could end the world. Most of the characters introduced play a very minor role in the story, with only the seer and Telius.

Overall, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It was very much like an extra episode from the show. It is a quick read and would appeal to any fans of the show, as well as those who may have never seen it, but want to experience the characters and world. I will definitely be reading more of these books in the future, and look forward to see what extra adventure that Xena, Gabrielle and even Joxer get into.

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