Sci-Fi Month 2014 Wrap-up

Sci-Fi month has come to an end. I really enjoyed this second year of this month long event. I will admit that I had a lot more planned that what I got done, but I got distracted by work on NaNoWriMo, then sucked into playing Duke Nukem and then I just hit an unmotivated spell and the next thing you know the month was over before I got most of what I had planned done. I also did not get a chance to visit and comment on all the participating blogs because of these distractions. The good news is, I will have plenty of post ideas ready for next years Sci-Fi Month. The bad news is, that’s nearly a year away. One thing I did get a chance to do was participate in the Twitter chat, which was great fun.

Here’s a look at what I did post this month:

  • Sci-Fi Month Introduction
  • Top Ten Sci-Fi Books I Want To Re-read
  • Book Review: Tarkin
  • Sci-Fi Video Games: Duke Nukem
  • Book Review: The Magician
  • Book Review: A New Dawn
  • Book Review: Blightborn
  • They Made It Into A Movie: Cloud Atlas

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