September 2014 Reading Wrap-up

With October here it’s time to take a moment and look back on all the reading that I did in the month of September. My big old reading slump is no longer an issue, which is great.  It feels so good to be reading again and while I still have days where I’m just too busy to pick up a book, at least I feel like reading once again. While I didn’t get a lot read this month I am still happy with what I did get to since I did have lots of get done this month. In total I read 4 books in September.

So what did I read in September?

  • Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Truman Capote
  • The Boleyn Reckoning by Laura Andersen
  • Destiny, Rewritten by Kathryn Fitzmaurice
  • A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller

So which was my favorite? Hands down The Boleyn Reckoning. It was such a fantastic end to the trilogy and I already want to reread those books. Which was my least favorite? A New Dawn. I hate listing a Star Wars book as my least favorite read of the month but it was. I found it pretty flat and boring, which makes me so bloody sad.

On top of reading I was busy getting things ready for winter. Making sure we have everything we will need stocked up, which is a lot of the basics, but also a little bit of everything. I also spent a great deal of time digging up my garden and getting the beds ready for winter. It makes me sad to see the garden gone but in about eight months I’ll be back out there again. I also did a bit of a Heartland watching marathon at the end of the month and watched three seasons worth, which certainly cut into my reading time but it was well worth it.

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