Book Review: The Dragons of Jupiter

The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The first thing that stands out in this book is the action. Right from the first page the reader is introduced to the characters while they are engaged in a battle with a very powerful enemy. There’s something about a book that starts with a bang like this, grabbing the readers attention, introducing the main characters in a way that puts them in a tough situation and shows off their strengths as well as their weaknesses in a dramatic way. The action that is found at the beginning is also seen throughout the book.

Amid all the action that was a large basis of this book another strong suit that was found within the pages was the technology. Often times I find when reading science fiction novels it seems that all the technology and weapons seem to mimic what is found in nearly every other science fiction book. The weapons were the biggest thing for me, since this was an action military science fiction. I felt that these weapons had a unique feel, it’s not often (at least in my experience) to see bullets being used in science fiction, most often is laser based weapons. There was a large variety of bullets, many of which could be programmed to travel in different ways, explode at certain times, as well there were a number of programmable grenades used. The suits that the soldiers of each faction wore had their own unique feel, and it was nice to see each side have very different technology, some of which one side tried to duplicate from their enemies but couldn’t manage to make it as good.

There was a good amount of history on why the warring factions are the way they are, how the rift between the brothers came to be and grew over time and why the quantum minds are so feared through most of the galaxy. The history was a great addition to the story and it added a greater understanding of why things were progresses as they were within the story.

As far as characters are concerned I quite enjoyed both Ryu and Kaneda. Both of their stories and reasons for fighting on their particular side of the war propelled both sides of the war. I can’t say that I was cheering for either side for most of the book, each side had valid reasons for fighting in what they believed in, though as the end started to come up and a few things were revealed I was certainly cheering for one side, though I won’t say which because I don’t want to give away anything. There was a nice mix of secondary characters as well, some I liked more than others but even the ones I didn’t like as much played good roles within the book.

I hate to admit that it took me far too long to figure out who Paul and Sakura were, as they are only in the book as transmissions sent to each other. When I did finally figure out who they were I felt silly for not realizing it sooner. There had been hints given along the way but I either overlooked them or didn’t fully process those clues as I was focuses on the main portion of the story.

With a constant stream of battles the story has very few slow parts. There is one battle in particular I would have liked to see more of and that was one taking place on the Errant. After Ryu, Cat and Kaneda started to turn the tide amid the chaos of the fighting it seemed they were finally making progress to win and then it skipped ahead in time. I realize that the story needs to progress but there are times when a scene needs to lengthened and show exactly how an event ends to bring a certain part of the story to an end and allowing another to begin.

The ending was fairly solid however it wasn’t that huge bang of an ending that I was expecting to happen. However I do feel that the ending was satisfactory to either leave this book as a standalone or to leave it open for a sequel. If you are looking for an action packed science fiction novel with unique technology and engaging characters then The Dragons of Jupiter is the book for you. This book would be appealing to fans of science fiction and I believe those also who are new to the genre. There have been hints of a sequel from the author and I will definitely be checking it out if there is one.

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