Book Review: The Last Page

This audiobook starts off interestingly enough. You’re introduced to the victim, Barbara Adams, and what happens to her before she dies. It certainly makes you wonder why she was killed. I would like to say that the narrator did a very good job on this one, she made sure each character had a distinctive voice something I think is extremely important in audiobooks, and that the tone/pitch of her voice reflected what was going on in a particular scene. Now there were a few spots where the narration got a little bit dull, though that was likely more a lull in the story that anything to do with the narrator but I did need to truly concentrate on what was being said at that time to absorb it.

The banter between Mavis, Barbara’s best friend, and her daughter Julia, as they talked about various things including Barbara’s death was a bit boring. I realize it’s a necessarily evil to give some background and introduce the other characters but I really had to focus on listening to what was being said and not staring off at the wall ignoring them.

I found it all too convenient that Julia was in school for Law and obsessed with mystery books so of course the allure of investigating her mothers friend was just too much for her to resist. And the fact that she hid her initial investigation by telling the temporary library director that she was writing a book about library works and Barbara Adams also seemed all too convenient.

As things progress you find out more about the victim as well as her background and are introduced to a number of characters as well. Barbara was clearly not the most liked person out there and so the suspects of who would want to kill her/could have killed her were long enough and the reasons varied quite a bit. Pretty good amount of mystery and suspense, especially towards the end.

While there were two additional short stories included with this audiobook I did not find them to be of interest to me, more so since they had no connection to the main story. Overall this was a very quick mystery read, the audio from this part being about an hour long. I thought the story had good potential but it might have been better had it been a bit longer and the few things that seemed to be put in place strictly to make the book faster, like Julia being in law, been changed. Fans of cozy mysteries and quick reads will likely enjoy this book.

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