Book Review: The Time Machine

Having little experience with Classics, especially those in the Science Fiction genre, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this book. Would it stand up to what I have come to expect from Science Fictions novels or would it be heavy and unappealing like many classics tend to feel to me.

Even not knowing what to expect out of this story I found myself surprised at home different it was than what I guessed it might be. It starts off a little slow as characters are introduced. It wasn’t until the man knows as the Time Traveler returned from his journey into the future that I felt the story pick up a bit. At this point the story is the Time Traveler telling his friends about his experience traveling into the future, a great deal into the future. While a lot of it is him explaining how he interpreted things in this new world and how over the course of the days he was in the future he realized how many of his interpretations were wrong, it also did a great job of showing this futuristic world through his discoveries and daily wanderings. .

It’s definitely not the typical futuristic book that many science fiction books are these days but I think it was quite a good representation of what a future many centuries from now could in fact hold with civilization and technology falling apart. The lack of technology, outside of the time machine itself, really gives this book a unique place among the technology filled and dependent science fiction novels of today.

Though I was not drawn in by the characters all that much, I did enjoy seeing this world that has regressed from what things currently are as well as time well beyond that before the story reverts back to the Time Traveler in his current day explaining his adventures to his friends.

While far from what I have come to expect out of science fiction novels I think it’s uniqueness makes it stand out as well. No I was not blown away by this book but I did enjoy it quite a bit. I still find classics a bit harder to digest however this book had a nice flow to it that made me keep reading all the way to the end without constantly wanting to put it down.

Classic lovers will likely appreciate this book more, however I feel that fans of science fiction will also enjoy it. The story can be slow to get through as the writing style is vastly different from what you see today, however I am glad that I finally sat down and read this and I think quite a few people have and will enjoy this story, even if it is very different.

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