Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want To Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Books I Want To Reread (or if you don’t reread…would reread in an ideal world).

Well since I am participating in Sci-Fi Month for November, I will be adjusting this weeks topic ever so slightly. Instead of listing just any book I want to reread, I will instead be listing the Top Ten Sci-Fi Books That I Want To Reread. There are quite a few Sci-Fi books that I wouldn’t mind reading again, but I will narrow the list down to ten. There is going to be a lot of Star Wars books on this list. So here they are in no particular order.

  1. Tarkin by James Luceno. Even though I just finished reading this book recently I already want to reread it.
  2. The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton.  This was the first Star Wars novel that I’ve ever read. While some people might say it wasn’t all that great I enjoyed it a lot and would love to make time to reread it sometime.
  3. The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy by Michael. P Kube-McDowell. I know there was a lot of hate for this trilogy back when I first read it, it seemed a lot of Star Wars fans disliked these books, but I loved them. I will get around to rereading them at some point as well.
  4. The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn. I loved Thrawn’s character and this I loved the trilogy that focused on him. It’s been on my mind to reread this trilogy for a while, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  5. Under The Empyrean Sky and Blightborn by Chuck Wendig. Technically I’m still reading Blightborn for the first time. But I do plan on reading both of these again, probably just before the final book in the trilogy comes out.
  6. Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher. I really enjoyed this book and while I do hope there will be a sequel of some sort written at some point, I do want to reread this book as well.
  7. Song of Scarabaeus and Children of Scarbaeus by Sara Creasy. I’ll admit I didn’t outright love these books when I first read them, but they grew on me afterwards and now I want to reread them so that I can experience the story again.
  8. Crucible by Troy Denning. This was one of the books that brought me back to reading Star Wars. I may have missed a lot of what happened because of not reading a lot of the previous novels, but this book was very enjoyable to read and I will reread it at some point.
  9. Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clark. I listened to the audiobook of this one last year and though it was good I felt that it would have been better had I actually read the book. So I plan to reread this story by picking up the physical book and enjoying it that way.
  10. The New Jedi Order by Various Authors. I stopped reading Star Wars books for quite some time after The New Jedi Order series came to an end. So I want to reread these books to reacquaint myself with this story and so that I can read all the books that came along after them.

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