Top Ten Tuesday: Villains

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the topic is all about Villains.

I love villains, and let’s face it without them books, TV shows and movies would be downright boring. The only thing I wish I could see more of, if villains winning. I get it, you want to see the hero win, but do they have to win every time? Anyway.

For this list, I am going with villains I love from all different media, books, TV, movies, etc. So here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Dedrick from The Kindrily Series. Oh man I love Dedrick. The best part is, you don’t really see him until the final book in the trilogy and then he just steals the show with his diabolical ways.
  2. Melisande from Kushiel’s Dart. I can’t make this list without including Melisande. I really need to finish this series so I can see what else she does along the way.
  3. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. I absolutely love Maleficent, and while the recent movie about her makes her out to be less of a villain, the original Disney cartoon version of her is one of my favorite villains.
  4. Obeahman from Girl of Nightmares. This villain can be found in both books of the series, but his presence and villainy ways play such a huge role in this book.
  5. Hordak from She-Ra: Princess of Power. Sure he runs away from almost every fight and sends his lackeys when he could do it himself, but you have got to give him points for his shape shifting ways of escaping. Plus this show was my childhood.
  6. Tarkin from Star Wars. While Vader and Palpatine stand out in the spotlight, it’s Tarkin who is my favorite Villain. I just wish his role within the movies was bigger. At least he got to blow up a planet before he died.
  7. Cerdic from King Arthur movie. What’s not to like about Cerdic? I really enjoyed his cahracter throughout the movie, but when he finally met Arthur face to face, their little exchange made me love him even more.
  8. Harte from Dangerous Depths. This one isn’t a character but a place, however I feel like Harte plays the role of villain perfectly. If you want to see how it does this, then I suggest you read The Sea Monster Memoirs trilogy. Trust me, it will be worth it.
  9. The Company from Little Fuzzy. They want to kill small furry intelligent creatures, so yup that makes them a villain and I felt they really made the book what it was.
  10. Reapers from Mass Effect. While I’ve never played the games, I have watched my husband play through them many times, and I really love the Reapers.

There you have it. Those are some of my favorite villains. What villains do you love?

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