Book Review: Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Vol. 1

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

Had I read this a few years ago when I knew nothing of Transformers and their world I think I might have enjoyed it a bit more. However after watching the entire original TV cartoon series, several spin off cartoons, all three live action movies and up to the most current episode of Transformers Prime and Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters series I was a bit disappointed with this book. Now let me explain that a little bit. It was not the story line that I didn’t like, in fact I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, the way that Grimlock and the other Dinobots were portrayed was what bothered me. I think anyone that has seen the original Transformers series would agree that the Dinobots were not talking or acting like Dinobots, instead they were using full proper sentences and being fairly diplomatic in the story.

But I tried to push that bad feeling aside and concentrate on the story. The story was fairly enjoyable though I admit I had a hard time getting over the changes made to the Dinobots still. And the addition of dinosaurs in the story, while it was somewhat interesting to see Dinobots vs. ‘real’ dinosaurs, I think I would have preferred it had they simply got up against more Decepticons.

Overall this book was fairly enjoyable. It was a quite read and while I had issues with how the Dinobots spoke and acted I think those who are looking to get into Transformers may enjoy this more than it’s already well established fan-base. Will I read the next volumes? Possibly, but I won’t rush to pick them up as soon as they are out.

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