Top Ten Tuesday: Words That Instantly Make Me Buy A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book (thanks to Karin at My Life In Books for this topic & graciously letting us use it).

This is one of those lists that is quite hard for me to fill out. I can’t say there are a lot of key words that makes me pick up or buy a book. Perhaps it will make pick up the book to look at it however a lot of the times those words can be misleading and once I read what the book is about I set it down and forget about buying it. Not to mention I don’t always pick up a book based on the title, but usually more so based upon the cover image, title comes secondary to that, but we’ll give it a try. So each of these words listed is taken with a grain of salt since the titles of books aren’t always what they seem. I will also be listing some words that make me avoid picking up the books. So here are some words that make me pick up books and those that don’t.

Words That Will Make Me Pick Up A Book:

  1. Horse/Unicorn/Pegasus. I never outgrew my love of horses and horse-like creatures so seeing a title with Horse in it tends to make me pick up a book, or movie for that matter, though sadly a lot of times something will have Horse in the title but then turn out to have nothing to do with horses nor will horses even be in it at any point.
  2. Cowboy/Gunslinger/Western Words. If it sounds western I will pick it up. I love westerns so it’s hard to resist words that make me think a book is of that genre or contains thing commonly referred to in westerns.
  3. Invented Words. I’m talking about titles that contain words that the author created for that book. It instantly shows off the authors creativity and can lead to me buying a book if the premise checks out.
  4. Historical Figures Names. I enjoy Historical Fiction so seeing those individuals names on books make me pick them up and more often than not buy them.
  5. Queen/King/Prince/Princess. This sort of goes hand in hand with the above but doesn’t always have to. Just seeing these words in the title make me pick them up.
  6. Murder. I like books that have murder plots in them, or at least character deaths be them accidental or planned.
  7. Mystery. I have a growing love of mystery novels lately so anything that has this in the title, whether it’s specifically in the mystery genre or something outside of it will grab my attention.

Words That Will Make Me Avoid A Book:

  1. Vampire. I tend to avoid books like a plague if they have the word vampire or even references to them. The genre is overdone and the books are quite often not that great.
  2. Werewolf. Pretty much the exact reasons as above. This applies doubly so if the book contains Werewolf and Vampire in it.
  3. Shapeshifters. Though somewhat similar to werewolf I will still count this as a separate category. I just tend not to like these novels so I avoid them whenever the cover shows them.

That’s all I can think of for now. What words make you instantly pick up or buy a book? Are there any that make you avoid a book?

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