April goals

March has come and gone in a flash and now we are in April, the fourth month of the year. Sometimes, it can be annoying when months go by too quickly. However, in this case, I am glad for it. April brings us that much closer to summer. That means gardening season and being able to go outside without being bundled up. Of course, a new month means it’s time to sort out my April goals. Now that I have been doing these goals for several months, I feel like I am starting to build a good monthly routine that allows me to reach most if not all of my goals each time around. Life does happen and there are months when some things fall through the cracks, but overall, I am very happy with my successes.

Because of this, I am trying to add new goals each month so I can expand on what I get done and help me to better reach my long-term goals. This means that I will no longer simply be repeating the same goals each month – though many of them will show up every month. In the end, I want to expand on what I do so as to not fall into a rut. Before I get to April’s goals, let’s see how well I did with my goals for March.

How did I do with my March goals?

Life goals

  • Read at least 10 books. Yes, I read 43 books in March! Crazy right? I shared my thoughts on them already.
  • Watch 3 seasons of shows. Considering that I watched 11 seasons worth of shows, I’d say this one was a success. I watched 1 season of Life Story, 1 season of Violet Evergarden plus the 1 episode Special, 1 season of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, 1 season of Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers, 6 seasons of RWBY, and finally, season 5 of Hercules The Legendary Journeys. On top of this, I watched 5 episodes of Sword Art Online Alicization, 4 episodes of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, 4 episodes of The Rising of The Shield Hero, and 4 episodes of Girly Airforce.
  • Try 1 new recipe. We ended up trying 2 new recipes. I made these amazing chicken stuffed buns, which I will be making again and sharing the recipe soon. We also made some chocolate chip cookies, using the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag.
  • Eat from the freezer and pantry. Yes. We have been doing really well with eating from our freezer and pantry since the beginning of the month. We did run out of a few things, mostly canned vegetables, but we have restocked those items. Some things you just need to buy along the way and vegetables are one of those that we don’t want to be without.
  • Pick a story to write. This took me longer to accomplish than I had hoped, but I have it narrowed down to two stories. I wanted to pick just one, but these two stood out as the ones I wanted to work on. Plus sometimes it’s nice to have more than one writing project because if one story falters for a while, then I have another one to work on.
  • Write 1-2 chapters. This didn’t happen. It took most of the month for me to pick which story to write then I ran out of time to actually write.
  • Make 1 large and 3 small crochet projects. Not in the slightest. I finally made a hat for my niece, but beyond that, I didn’t touch my hook and yarn all month long.
  • Sort through seeds. Got this done. I now know what I will need to buy for the upcoming garden season. I also planned out my garden for the year.

Blog goals

  • Update 5 posts. Got this done. Doing five posts a month is a good number, as it still leaves me free to do other things while accomplishing this task.
  • Grow social media. For once I feel like I really nailed this one. While Facebook and Instagram seem to be a bit elusive on regular growth, this was the first month that I saw my Pinterest really grow and it made me happy.
  • Get ahead on posts. I will call this a semi-success. I did get ahead for the most part, but there were a few posts that were done at the semi-last minute.
  • Create new pin images. Yes, I did get quite a bit toward this done. I didn’t get all of the images done that I had hoped to, but enough. I still need to add these new images to posts.

April goals

Life goals

  • Read at least 10 books. Reading will always be on my monthly goal list. Even though I have been reading far more than this lately, I feel like 10 is a good goal.
  • Watch 3 seasons of shows. I am steadily knocking out my to-be-watched list, so I want to keep that up. Three seasons is a good number as it allows me to watch a couple of episodes a day throughout the month without doing an all-out binge-watch.
  • Try 1 new recipe. I have quite a long list of recipes that I want to try, so I may end up trying more than one this month, but at the very minimum, I am aiming for one.
  • Eat from the freezer and pantry. Yes, we are still doing our pantry challenge. Though we had to do a minor stock-up back in March, I feel confident that we can continue to eat from our pantry and freezers through this month as well.
  • Write 1-2 chapters. Now that I finally have a story picked out, it’s time to work on it. I have been meaning to get back into writing regularly for a while, so it will be nice to do so.
  • Walk every day. Granted, this will depend on the weather, but I really want to get out and enjoy a walk every day. Walking for 30 minutes to an hour every day is easy and helps to fill in a bit of time. Plus it’s a great family activity.

Blogging goals

  • Update 5 posts. This is something I should have been doing all along but now is as good of a time as any. I have updated a number of posts over the past two months and will continue to do so this month. Setting the number at 5 gives me time to work on these while also having the ability to keep up with new posts and other blogging responsibilities.
  • Grow social media. This month I’m hoping to either get Facebook or Instagram a bit more love and that should lead to some good growth. Of course, no matter what I will be working on all of my social media, but those are the two that need the most attention.
  • Get ahead on posts. Isn’t this what all bloggers want? To be ahead on posts? I know that’s how I want my blogging to go. So, I am once again setting this goal for myself, to make blogging less stressful.
  • Create new pin images. I started working on this last month and still have many more to make. This is somewhat of a time-consuming task, so much like updating old posts, I am going to tackle a number of them this month.
  • Find guest blogging opportunities. I have done one guest blog post so far, but I am hoping to do more now that I am feeling more confident in blogging. I want to seek out a few guest blog opportunities this month.

Those are my April goal. Have you set any particular goals for the month?


    1. Now that the weather is slowly getting warmer and nicer out, it was hard to not include it. Glad to hear it’s on your schedule as well. It’s always nice to get out and walk.

  1. These are great goals! I’m so behind on everything. I was having crochet withdrawal last month so I had to make something asap! 🤣

    1. Thanks. I’m sure you will catch up soon. Haha, I haven’t had any crochet withdrawals yet.

  2. Sounds like you had a productive March. And you have some great goals laid out for April. I need to add watching seasons of shows to my goals list for April. I’m behind on a bunch of shows. So it would be nice to get caught up so I can talk about them with people. Good luck with all of your goals this month. 😀

    1. It was a good and productive month. What shows are you behind on? I totally get the desire to talk about shows but not wanting to get spoiled when you are behind. Thanks, good luck with your goals as well.

  3. Looks like you are ready!! I love the idea of walking more..I need to write down my goals..thus is a great idea! Thanks

    1. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I want to walk more – or at all for that matter, haha. Yes, write those goals down, it helps to keep up with them.

  4. Oh I love a list. I couldn’t tell you how many I have written on my notes on my phone (never done ot inished tgem) but noting it all down made me feel better!

    1. Writing things down does have a certain satisfactory feeling to it, but I find that crossing those things off when done is even better. Keep making those lists and you will eventually start tackling them regularly.

  5. These are great goals! I’m amazed at how many books you read! I’m lucky if I get through 1 a month haha! I think I try to spread myself too thinly across different activities. Good luck with all your goals!

    1. I don’t always read this much in a month, it just happened to be the case in March. Reading even one book a month is great. It is possible that you could be spreading yourself too thin. Maybe cut back on a few goals until you are able to accomplish most of what you set and then slowly add more on from there.

  6. I love this! Your goals are very impressive, and a great mix between life and writing and blogging; I love especially that you were able to read 43 books! That is amazing and inspiring. This is a great routine to get into, and I am feeling motivated to do the same. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you. I feel like the mix of goals keeps me busy and most importantly out of a rut. I am still surprised by how much I read. If I could keep that up I’d be able to tackle my TBR in no time, but realistically I know reading that much every month isn’t going to happen. I am glad you are feeling motivated by this.

  7. I love your walking goal! I keep waiting for the weather to be better but I have decided to make a goal to walk on all the beautiful days Ü

    1. If I waited for nice weather then I would likely never walk, haha. That sounds great, and soon all the days will be beautiful.

  8. Love your goals! I’m jealous that you are able to read so many books – I must be a slow reader! I’m write there with you on your writing and blogging goals – good luck!

    1. It’s not normal for me to read this much. I do read pretty quickly, but there is no shame in being a slow reader. Good luck with your blogging and writing goals!

  9. I’ve always loved reading about people’s monthly goals and yours is definitely one of the best. It’s so clear and specific! Looking forward to seeing you achieve them and thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. I try to be specific so that I can stay focused on what needs to get done.

    1. Thanks. I’m happy with how much I got done and hoping to smash this month’s goals.

  10. You did a great job in March! I don’t even think I’ve read 43 books in the past year, never mind in a month! That’s amazing.

    Good luck for April! By the way, I accept guest posts 😉 There’s a link in the main menu of my blog for the information if you’d be interested!

    1. Thank you! I still don’t know how I read that much, but I’m darn happy with it. Oh, I’ll have to look into that, would be wonderful to do a guest post on your blog.

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