March in books, my thoughts on what I read

March was by far my best reading month so far this year. I have to admit, I’m actually surprised by how many books I got through. Especially when the beginning of the month was filled with slow reads. However, thanks to setting aside daily reading time, and a lot of determination to put as big of a dent as possible in my huge TBR, I managed to pull off a large reading spree at the end. Once I picked up one book, I blew through it and moved right on to the next. March in books is the continuation of a monthly series that showcases the books that I read and my thoughts on them.

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March in books

The Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Of all of Dahl’s books that I have read, this was my least favorite. Though I didn’t hate it, I felt it was weaker than all of his other books. That being said, I am still glad that I read it, as I don’t believe I had previously read this one when I was younger.

Fear And Other Uninvited Guests by Harriet Lerner

This was a book that my husband recommended. He had previously listened to the audiobook and thought that I would benefit from it. Because it was in audiobook form, I found it quite difficult to get into it. The author has a very monotone voice and I kept zoning out as she drolled on about this and that. The personal stories that run counterpart to her points added some interest. Overall, I feel like this one may have been better and stuck with me had I read the physical book instead of listening to the audiobook.

Shadow Wing: The Dragons of Outland by Richard A. Knaak & Jae-Hwan Kim

I have a love/hate relationship with Knaak’s writing. I love it because it’s Warcraft, but I hate it because I often have to slog through the overly descriptive story to get to the end. However, this story fell closer to the love side. I really enjoyed this first volume in the trilogy and look forward to reading the rest. This is an aspect of Warcraft lore that hasn’t really been seen in other books, at least none that I can remember. My one complaint is that the font used is incredibly hard to read, so I had to hold the book really close to my face in order to get through it.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

After watching her series on Netflix back in January, I figured it was time to read the book. This book certainly helped to explain her methods better than what is shown in the series. It also explains how she came into her career and method of tidying. However, the one thing I felt that this book lacked was visual aids. It’s fine to describe how to fold clothes, but without actually having diagrams that description is lost on me. That being said, I did find that certain aspects of the book spoke to me and I feel like it gave me a better understanding of decluttering and creating a tidy home and life.

Twined by A.L. Collins

What can I say about this book? It was a really quick read, taking me a little over an hour to get through. But as far as the book itself, I found it lacking. The story took a bit too long to really get going, even taking into consideration that this is the first book in a series, and the characters all felt a little flat. Needless to say, I will not be continuing with this series.

The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le Guin

Having read the first book in this series last month, I decided to keep on reading. This book was quite a bit different from the first. In fact, it held no real connection to it or the series until past the halfway point. I did find this book easier to read than the first, as I am now used to the author’s writing style. Though it still took a few days to get through it. I enjoyed this one more than The Wizard of Earthsea and am eager to see what comes up next in the series.

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

This book had been on my shelf for a number of years. I picked it up because I enjoy science fiction and because I wanted to read it before watching the movie. It was finally time to read this one. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. I felt like I was reading people discussing textbooks and manuals. My husband assures me that the movie is nothing like the book and that I should still watch it. I may one day, but the book has turned me off from the movie for a while.

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad by Christie Golden

It’s no secret that I love Star Wars, and yet I have done a terrible job of keeping up with reading the books. Inferno Squad was the next in the series for me to tackle and I was looking forward to it. This book is set after the destruction of the first Death Star, so in a way, it felt weird to be going back to the events of the original trilogy. One thing I liked about this book is that we are introduced to a collection of new characters, something the new cannon books work hard at doing – whereas the Expanded Universe focuses mostly on Han, Leia, and Luke. Though it took a bit to get used to these characters, and admittedly I kept expecting some old characters to show up, it was a nice change of pace. The story arc was pretty solid and I did like the pace of the book. The characters did grow on me over time and by the end, I had really enjoyed this book.

One Year After by William R. Forstchen

The sequel to One Second After, this story occurs two years after the EMP event that crippled the United States. This book focuses on the struggles to attempt to rebuild a town and the lives of those still left. It shows their daily struggles, not just with trying to cope with a lack of technology, medical supplies, and everything else that comes after such a devastating event, but also their fight against those who threaten their life. There is a good deal of action in this book, including military strategy, and political schemes. All around, this was a solid continuation of the story and I look forward to reading the final book in the trilogy soon.

The Girl From The Other Side Vol. 6 by Nagabe

This one is hard to review because I have not reviewed the previous volumes and thus don’t want to give anything away. The story has certainly taken an interesting turn and I can’t wait until the next volume comes out, which is a good six months away.

The Borrowers by Mary Norton

I can’t remember if I read The Borrows when I was a kid. However, after watching The Secret World of Arrietty multiple times, I decided it was time to read the book that the movie was based on. This was a quick enjoyable read. It was great to experience the original story and see just how it compared to the movie. While I enjoyed the book, I personally prefer the movie – but it’s hard not to love Studio Ghibli films. I will be continuing on with the rest of this series to see where it does.

Warriors: Into The Wild by Erin Hunter

My son has been repeatedly telling me to read this series. So this month, I made the effort to start it. I admit that I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Initially, I had intended to read only a few chapters the day I started it, but the next thing you know I couldn’t put it down. So, I ended up reading the whole thing in just a few hours. The book is faced paced with plenty of action and world-building. With a good mix of characters, it’s hard not to be completely sucked in. I had enjoyed Seekers, another series by this author (but clearly not by the same author), a while back, so I was expecting something like that with Warriors, but that was not the case. This book has so much more depth in both story and characters than Seekers – hence why I believe it was written by a different author. I can certainly see why my son loves these books so much and I am eager to continue reading them.

For those wondering about the different author thing, Erin Hunter is actually a pen name for several authors who work together to write the Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, and Pridelands. Thus whoever wrote Seekers is clearly different than who wrote Warriors because the entire writing style is different.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 10 by Kore Yamazaki

Once again, this will be hard to talk about as I have not reviewed previous volumes. All I can say is that this story has really drawn me in and with each volume that comes out, I am eager to know what will happen next.

A Vote For Murder by Donald Bain

Like all the previous Murder, She Wrote books that I have read, this one is a fast read. Politics and murder are a good combination and led to an interesting story. These books are great for short reading spurts when you want a good solid story but don’t have a ton of time to commit to reading longer books. If you like mystery, then these books are a good choice.

The Colonel & Little Missie by Larry McMurtry

I have always had a bit of a fascination with the old west, including the story of Annie Oakley and the Wild West show. So, when I found out about this book, I knew it would be interesting. This focuses on the story of Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, and his Wild West show. It covers the relationship between these two, how the show came to be, died off, and then came back for another round of performances. There was a good bit of history and was thoroughly researched by McMurtry, who also had a bit of a fascination with these famous people. If you love western history, then I would recommend this book.

Postcards From The Edge by Carrie Fisher

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book. I knew it was somewhat based on Fisher’s own struggles with drug abuse and her recovery. This book certainly gives an inside look into the mind of drug addicts, what they are like while high, what it’s like to go through detox, and how it affects their lives afterward. While not my favorite book, it was an intriguing read.

InuYasha Volume 1-27 by Rumiko Takahashi

A couple of years ago I watched the entire InuYasha anime series. Since then, I have been wanting to read the manga, as I have been told that it expands on the story. This month I managed to read nearly half of the series and have really been enjoying it. I have forgotten how much I loved this story and the characters. Though I had thought that I would remember it all, I have to admit, it feels like I am experiencing the story for the first time again.

March in books stats

  • Books read: 43
  • Books purchased: 3
  • Books purged: 11

Though these are my opinions, please understand that they should not prevent you from reading any of these books. A book that I don’t like could be a book that you end up loving. Always give books a chance.

What books did you read in March? Did you buy any new books or get rid of some you already own?


  1. Wow! What an amazing list of books! I have been meaning to read a book from the Warriors series as well. Iā€™m definitely going to read some books from your list. Thanks for the helpful info and ideas.

    1. Thanks. Definitely recommend starting with Into The Wild when it comes to Warriors as it’s the one that starts off the series. I hope you enjoy them.

  2. Oh my goodness, you absolutely nailed your March reading, I can’t believe how many books you got through. I’m glad to see you finally read Fantastic Mr Fox, even if you didn’t enjoy it. It’s my daughter’s favourite Roald Dahl book though. And I’m intrigued to read Carrie Fisher’s book too now! šŸ™‚ Lisa

    1. Right? I’m still shocked I got through that many books. It was an alright book, I just didn’t love it, not when comparing it to some of his other books. You should check it out, it’s fairly interesting to read.

  3. Wow! That’s amazing. I only read 1 book last month. Hopefully this month I’ll be able to do a lot more reading. The Colonel & Little Missie sounds like an interesting read I’ll have to add it to my list.

    1. One book is still good. It really was an interesting read, so glad I finally got around to it. Made me want to watch the Annie Oakley movie again.

  4. I am always amazed by the number of books you read in a month, Sarah. I also appreciate your honest reviews…the good, the not so good…it is very helpful.

    1. Thanks, I honestly don’t know how I got through so many this time. I try to make my reviews as honest as possible because I know it’s important.

  5. I read some good ones in March and happy to be moving along with my book challenge!
    March Books- Private , Private Games, Heat, Still Alice, Attraction, Meddling Kids, One The Come Up, The Power of Habit, Small Great Things, Maybe You Never Cry Again, Private: Suspect #1 and Spark of Light .

    1. You got quite a bit of reading done as well. Good work!

  6. What a truly amazing list of books!! You always have great reviews and I love your honesty, it helps me with my book choices! Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I think honest reviews are important. It’s one of the reasons I always look for negative reviews when scouting out new books to read – because I believe that, most of the time, they are more honest than the glowing reviews and give me a better sense of what’s to like and not like about a book.

  7. This is a great list of books! I read more than usual last month, but nowhere near this many. šŸ™‚ I finished A Map of Days, which was probably my favorite book I read in March.

    1. This was an irregularly large number of books for me to read. I haven’t heard of that book before, I’ll have to check it out.

  8. it’s fantastic that you read so much! how many hours do you read a day?

    i remember inu yasha anime though i only saw a few episodes. i know the theme music though as it is on my playlist haha! i bet the manga is fun!

    1. On average, I read 1-2 hours a day, but I can read up to 10 hours a day, all depends on how I feel that day and what else I need to get done. I love the music from the anime and have a bunch of it on my playlist as well. The manga is fun and now I am eager to watch the anime again.

  9. Uau! I admire your reading skills! So many books in one month! Congratulations! I wish I could be this disciplined and committed!

    1. Thank you. I’m honestly still shocked I got through so many.

  10. Wow, you have been incredibly busy! I loved Fantastic Mr Fox as a child, but I know what you mean, there are stronger books. I recently found my old worn out copy to read with my 5-year-old. xxx


    1. Yes, I have been. Ah, that’s great that you found your old copy and get to share it with your kid. I love sharing books I loved when I was younger with my son.

    1. You should try listening to some audiobooks, they would be great during your daily runs.

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