Armchair BEA: Non-fiction

Today we are discussing non-fiction, which is a very large and encompassing category of books. Certainly when going into most books stores it seems like the non-fiction section is bigger than all the genre fictions combined, or at least it feels that way to me. Non-fiction covers things such as Biographies, Travel, History, Nature and so much more.

Before I was absorbed into the world of genre fiction I read a LOT of non-fiction. In fact I’d say the majority of my reading during my high school and early college years was non-fiction, and I’m not referring to any of the required school reading, I’m talking leisure reading at home. My topics of interest in non-fiction weren’t too broad, I liked History, Science and the occasional Biography. However the bulk of my non-fiction reading came from the Nature section. I was, and still am, a huge nature lover and I would constantly gravitate to this section of the library and book stores and grab just about any book on the subject. These books I would read cover to cover repeatedly trying to absorb all the information that I could.

My husband is very much a non-reader, he just doesn’t see the pleasure in reading books, especially those genre fictions. However hand him a text book and he will happily read for hours on end. He always tells me that if he is going to read he wants to learn something of use while doing so and that’s why nearly all of his books are from non-fiction.

Just one of the non-fiction book shelves in my house.

Our house is full of non-fiction books. In fact there are about five book shelves worth of non-fiction books scattered among the various rooms. A large portion of them are on nature and geology, which shows the interests of my husband and I. There is a decent amount of history books mixed in there, a couple of travel guides and quite a few text books.

So what are some of my favorite non-fiction books?

  • The Simon & Schuster Encyclopedia of Animals
  • Kings & Queens of England
  • Knights In History And Legend
  • Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds by Joy Adamson
  • Creating The World of Star Wars by John Knoll
  • Dinosaur by David Norman
  • Horses: Their Life In Pictures

My son is another non-fiction fan in the house. While he’s still not up to reading them on his own he loved just to sit down with a book, especially ones about dinosaurs or any animals, and flip through looking at all the pictures. When he finds something of interest he will ask myself or my husband to read the information for him, then he goes back to contently looking at the pictures again.

While I don’t read non-fiction much anymore I do regularly look through the newer books out there on various subjects and if one piques my interest I will buy it and thumb through the pages when I get a chance. I think non-fiction is a large part of life, for both readers and non-readers. No one can say that they went through life without reading any non-fiction, at the bare minimum there is school texts and likely manuals and other information packages that are work related. While the world of non-fiction might not be for everyone it is important to the world

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