Book Review: Etiquette & Espionage

I came into this book knowing practically nothing about it. I decided that I wouldn’t even read the synopsis and base my opinion of it solely on the content found inside. The only thing I knew for certain about it was that this was a young adult steampunk novel

The introduction was intriguing enough, it had a historical feel that I enjoyed but otherwise everything was new to me. I Found that I was less than thrilled to see that vampires and werewolves were in this book, them being mentioned in the first few pages put a sour taste in my mouth, however I have to say that overall their presence in the book was minimal and the authors portrayal of them made me fairly content to have them within the story.

There was a good mix of characters. I liked Soap, he was a nice addition to the story and certainly added an element to it. Can’t say that many of the other characters stood out to me as good or bad, Monique was somewhat intriguing with her involvement in the story and not quite showing which side she was on.

This book was a nice introduction to steampunk. Having known next to nothing about that genre coming into the book I think that this did a decent job of introducing the reader to it, what sets it apart from other books, specifically Historical Fiction, and explaining things. Though I felt at some points there needed to be a dictionary for all the terms used as several of them I had never encountered before and found myself putting down the book to look up the term. True the sentences that contained these terms quite often explained them clearly enough but I still looked them up regardless to better educate myself with those terms.

I think I would have liked to see a bit more on the world itself, so much of the focus was on the school and the events that were happening that I would have liked to see a bit more in depth descriptions of the places they had seen.

Overall it was a fairly good read. I’m not sure if steampunk is something that I will read more of, but I will likely read the rest of the books in this series when they come out just to see how the story unfolds and if there is more background/world building to be seen. I’d certainly recommend this book to those who enjoy YA and steampunk and to those who may be looking for books in those genres but not sure where to start, steampunk may not be my thing but certainly plenty of other people out there will enjoy this book.

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