August 2013 Reading Wrap-Up

With September here it is time to take a moment and look back at all the reading that was done in the month of August. This was another light reading month for me. With a two week vacation in the middle of the month, along with pre-vacation running around and post-vacation catching up I didn’t get as much reading done as I would have hoped. However I did have a pretty amazing vacation so it was worth it in the end. In total I read four books in the month of August.

So what did I read in August?

  • High Country Rebel by Lindsay McKenna
  • The Companions by R.A. Salvatore
  • Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Vol 1 by Mairghread Scott and Beni Lobel
  • The Returned by Jason Mott

Which book was my favorite? High Country Rebel and the reason being was that this book was simply amazing. I think this series just keeps getting better with each new book that comes out, plus I just really enjoyed the main characters Cat and Talon. Which did I like the least? The Companions and for the simply reason of why too many characters introduced at the beginning and the overall lost feeling I felt through nearly all of the book.

I am looking forward to what the month of September holds both for reading and other activities. The boy will be returning to school and so I should have a bit more reading time. As well I will be working on a project/event I am participating in during the month of November which I am quite excited about.

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