August 2022 Bokksu – Onsen Vacation

Every month, I look forward to the arrival of my Bokksu subscription box. Bokksu is a monthly subscription that brings traditional Japanese snacks to your door. Each month highlights a different theme along with different areas of Japan. Some of the companies contributing to Bokksu have been around for 100 years. The theme of the August 2022 Bokksu is Onsen Vacation. Onsen are popular destinations for Japanese and tourists alike. This month’s box highlights popular Japanese snacks many enjoy during summer vacation and onsen visits.

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August 2022 Bokksu – Onsen Vacation

Sangosho: Garipote Spice Chips

These chips had a texture that resembled a cracker, making them extra crunchy. The flavor was a mix of garlic and pepper, which was quite enjoyable. This was an ideal snack to eat while watching some anime.

Hakone Sanroku Black Tea Akafuji

This tea was also in the January 2020 Bokksu and much like then, it was alright, a bit bitter but adding some sugar helped with that.

Almond Chocolate Sand: Kokuto Caramel

This cookie was really good. While I didn’t taste any chocolate, I did enjoy it. I would say the flavor was closer to butterscotch instead of caramel. Even so, I liked this one a lot.

Shinshu Mochi Miso Monaka

There’s something about Miso flavor that I find to be off-putting. I think it’s because it tastes acrid to me. Needless to say, these snacks weren’t for me.

Goma Ippai Langue De Chat

Another flavor I’m not a fan of is black sesame. I’ve tried multiple black sesame items in the past and the flavor is so gross to me. I will admit I only took a small bite of one of these and it had that same nasty bite of previous items. This was one that I passed on to my husband as he enjoys black sesame snacks.

Agesendo Natsukashi Sauce Flavor

Though these crackers smelled spicy upon opening the bag, they were not spicy. They are flavored with bonito, green seaweed, and red ginger. These were quite enjoyable, though the crackers were softer than expected.

Black Strawberry

Another item that had been in a previous box, specifically the March 2022 Bokksu. Since I’m not a fan of dark chocolate they aren’t for me, but my husband enjoyed them.

Ichicoro Chocolate Puff Sand: Beniimo Purple Yam

This little cookie was great. The cookie itself did have a sand-like texture, which initially was a bit strange but honestly by the time I was done eating it, I felt it was the perfect texture for this treat. The white chocolate cream filling was the perfect compliment to the cookie. I will say, I didn’t really taste the purple yam flavor.

Nori Salt Lotus Root Chips

I thought these lotus root chips were okay. They have a vinegar flavor to them, though I don’t think that was intended to be what they tasted like.

Zawawa Sable

I was looking forward to these as I’ve had a few similar butter cookie items in the past. Initially, this one was pretty good. However, there was quickly an acrid burnt taste that came in after a few seconds. This immediately put me off of them.

Okinawa Shiquasa Jelly

I have a love-hate relationship with Japanese jelly. Generally speaking, they taste good. However, eating them out of a plastic bag is quite awkward. I do wish they came in small plastic cups instead. This one was alright. There wasn’t much flavor to it and it was solid enough to fairly easily eat out of the bag.

Yuzu Souffle

I loved this treat. The souffle was soft and moist. While the yuzu flavor wasn’t strong, I think it worked out perfectly. I could have eaten a few more but was happy with the one I got.

Goma Ippai Tart Cookie

At this point, I decided to not even try this one, because it was black sesame. I gave it to my husband and he liked it.

Kurumi Walnut Mochi

This was surprisingly delicious. I always enjoy mochi and this walnut-flavored one was great. I was glad there were two of them because I would not have been satisfied with just one.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the August 2022 Bokksu. Have you visited an Onsen before?

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