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Lethal Circuit (Circuit Series #2) by Lars Guignard and narrated by Russell Jonas

Genre: 16+ Spy/Techno Thriller

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About the Book:

Michael Chase is back. WARNING: Blown Circuit, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the #1 spy thriller, Lethal Circuit, is here. If you don’t like turbo-charged action adventure, then you’d better find some place to hide.

But now he has enemies. Deadly enemies.

Good thing Michael is in no mood to play nice.

Michael survived China. Barely. But now he’s got bigger problems. A pair of coordinates broadcast on an obscure frequency have brought Michael to Istanbul, Turkey where credible chatter has emerged that a terrorist group plans to use a devastating device to hold the world hostage.

Designed by Nikola Tesla, arguably the greatest inventor of the Twentieth Century, the device is experimental, it is capable, and it has been missing for almost sixty years.

If Michael is to prevent a catastrophe, he’ll need to get to the device before the Conspiracy or risk upsetting the global balance of power forever. Of course, finding the Tesla Device is one thing, knowing whom he can trust with it is another matter entirely.

To survive, he’ll have to do both. If he doesn’t, what started as a bad day is about to become a disaster.

Can Michael fight his way through the lies and deception to save the world?

If you can’t get enough of the action of Lee Child and Vince Flynn, the intrigue of Robert Ludlum, and the adventure of Clive Cussler and James Rollins, you are going to LOVE Blown Circuit!

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About the Author:

Lars Guignard is a former film and television writer and a graduate of both McGill University and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. His debut thriller novel, Lethal Circuit, has been an amazon top 100 Technothriller since its release.

Guignard has wanted to write Indian stories for kids ever since he attended a boarding school in the majestic Himalayas. The time he spent in the “school above the clouds” affected him profoundly, and once he returned home to North America he was struck by the lack of children’s stories from India available in our culture. Since India is such an incredible country, he decided to write a series of action adventure books for young adults about India to introduce young readers to this magical, mystical land. So if you’re looking for a great book adventure for kids, try Ghost Leopard today!

Author Sites:

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About the Narrator:

Russell Jonas is thrilled to make his audiobook narrator debut with “Blown Circuit.”  Russell has worked in commercial voice over and television since 1999 and has appeared in forty stage plays in New York City and in 46 states, including the Tony Award-winning Shakespeare Theatre Company. Russell teaches The Art of Acting at Southern Methodist University.



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I’ll admit I was very excited to see this audio book after finishing the first book in the series, Lethal Circuit. But initially I wasn’t sure if I would listen to it or not. Yes, I wanted to know what would happen next but what kept me from instantly rushing to listen was worry over the narrator. Then I found out there was a new narrator for this book and most of my worries went away.

As soon as I started listening to this audio book I could tell it was going to be good. Though I was thrown for a loop right away as well. The book was written in first person, where as the previous novel was done in third person. It took me several chapters to get used to this shift in perspective, however the further into the story I got I realized that I actually enjoyed it being written this way. Being done in first person really gives the reader/listener a better view of what is happening in the story and a deeper look into who Michael is and what it takes him to overcome the odds he is facing to try to save the day again. I think this style of writing also brought a smoother feel to the story. It’s true I would have liked to have seen a more in depth look at some of the new and recurring characters, however it was only a minor thing to not know what a character was thinking at a particular moment in the book.

As with the previous novel there was a lot of action in this book and that along with the quick paced, well-flowing story line I found myself listening to hours of this at a time but it only feeling like a few minutes had gone by. There is a nice mix of action as well, from fist fights, gun battles, speeding boats, explosions, dangerous climbing and so much more. Without this the book would have lacked a lot of it’s heart and soul, and I’m glad for the large amount of action from page one all the way to the final page.

There was a great mix of characters in this book. Along with some recurring characters, some of who were less expected than others, there was also a good amount of new characters as well. Of course as each character is introduced I was trying to figure out who they truly were and how they would affect the story as it progress. Some of the guesses that I made were accurate, while others were well off their mark.

I have to say that the narrator, Russel Jonas, did a fantastic job of bringing this story to life. He did real well with putting the various emotions Michael was feeling into the story, the rhythm he set as he read really brought the actions scenes truly to life. Since my main worry over this book had been about the narrator I was so happy when this new narrator worked out and really helped this story become what it was.

As for things I didn’t like about the book, well there weren’t many of them. The first one was the shift from third to first person. While it didn’t bother me in the end so much I feel that at least for consistency wise in the series I would have liked to see the story remain in the third person perspective. This small detail wasn’t a deal breaker for me, but being thrown off at the beginning having assumed it would be in third person because of the previous book led the a small amount of distraction from the story. The second thing I didn’t like was how things became a bit too predictable, especially in the second half of the book. I was a bit disappointed to see a few too many things coming but mainly to see Michael fall for nearly the same things he did in the previous book. I honestly wanted to yell at him, pointing out the obvious mistakes he was making but more so that he made those same mistakes only days ago (since this book happens a few days after the end of Lethal Circuit). However, it’s these stupid mistakes that he makes that also gives Michael that realistic feel to him. He is a flawed character, he makes mistakes, sometimes makes the same one twice, and yet he learns from others. The fact that he isn’t a perfect character brings an appeal to listening to this book.

Overall I thought this book was really good, not great like I was hoping for but really good. I think those who enjoyed the previous book as well as those who like action and thriller novels will enjoy this book and I look forward to seeing future books in this series.

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