Book Review: Fighting For Infinity

The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Every now and then a series comes along that brings the reader on such a wonderful and unexpected journey that they feel as though they have stumbled upon something perfect. The Kindrily trilogy is one of those series. With each book there is so much more depth and feeling to the story and characters that you truly feel the love and work the author has put into these books. Fighting For Infinity is an amazing ending to a fantastic and wonderfully written trilogy. This series is a must read.

For the last year I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Fighting For Infinity. The Kindrily trilogy quickly became one of my favorite series and though I didn’t want it to end I was also dying to see just how things would play out and bring their story full circle.

One of the things I love about this series is how well one book transitions into the next. Often times in series there are gaps in between books and the reader must then read well into the next book to piece together what happens in the days, week or months that occur between one book ending and the next beginning. With The Kindrily trilogy there is a fantastic flow from one book to the next, it doesn’t feel like you are starting a new book but that you are starting the next chapter of the story. This truly helps the story flow from one book to the next seamlessly and makes the series stand out from others.

Now let’s talk about the two big additions to this book. The first being Rina, her connection to the Kindrily and how she affects the outcome of several events, and the second is Dedrick. Now let’s start with Dedrick. While Dedrick is not a new character this is the first book where we truly get to see him. Though his influence on the story has been large from the beginning up until now his role has been quite small. I’ve wanted to see more of Dedrick since his first mention in the series but I had to wait, and that was not necessarily a bad thing. Holding off on revealing so much about this villain was a brilliant tactic. I feel that withholding his presence until now was perfect, I as a reader was waiting for his big reveal and Fighting For Infinity gave me that. I almost hate to say it, but I think Dedrick became my favorite character after reading this book. I love how you never know what is fact or fiction when he is involved, I enjoy how he manipulates everyone around him yet acts like it’s a completely normal thing to do. I’ve always had a love of villains and that is part of the reason why I love his character so much, really the only down side to routing for the villains is that they almost always lose in the end.

Rina was the main addition to the book. Yes, there were a number of new characters added however it was Rina whose role was possibly the biggest. Now, when I read the additional cliffhanger ending added to the review copy of Taking Back Forever I instantly wanted to get my hands on the next book. Ever since then I have been trying to guess just what would happen to the various Kindrily members. But the biggest thing I tried to figure out was who this new mystery character was. I had a few ideas in mind but nothing solid until I started reading this book. I quickly made a wild guess about Rina, essentially saying “I bet I know who Rina is, she’s….” I won’t actually come out and say who I though she was because as it turns out I was right and I don’t want to spoil that surprise for anyone but boy let me tell you I was thrilled to find out that my wild guess was in fact correct. I definitely remember yelling “I knew it!” when I got to that part of the book and getting a strange look from my husband. However, it wasn’t just her identity that made her stand out. In fact it was her character as a whole and the major influence she had on what Maryah had to do as well as the rest of the Kindrily in order to see things through. Her character was so strong, not just mentally but physically as well, and she certainly helped Maryah’s character grow even more. As much as I would love to keep talking about Rina and her role in this book I must stop myself here, as I don’t want to spoil anything.

The flow of this book is fantastic. As I mentioned earlier, all the books flow seamlessly from one to the other, but the stories in those books also have such a great progression of events. We get to see characters grow in many ways, but more so in this book we get to learn so much. There is such a vast amount of knowledge and secrets given out in this book that it truly made everything feel perfectly connected. Questions were answers, threads were woven together to show the picture we had been waiting to see, there were plenty of plot twists along the way but most importantly things were ended so well. I’m normally not a fan of the final book in series, they often feel rushed and poorly put together, however in this case everything was so well put together and planned out by the author that I found the ending to be perfect. I wasn’t left with more questions than answers, I was left was such a great feeling when I got to the end of the book that I didn’t mind that it meant the series was over. Of course I will admit that I do want more from this series, whether it is a spin-off series or companions novels, I want to see more of The Kindrily. However at the same time I am so happy with the way things ended that I can live without those additional stories.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this part. But there was one small section of the book, perhaps a page or two long where I got really excited about something. What was that something? Well it was a small tie in to Karen Hooper’s other series, The Sea Monster Memoirs. Seeing a certain character, even if it was only for a very short time, absolutely made my day and has me excited for the next book in that trilogy.

Part of me feels that my review doesn’t do this book justice. It was so good I had a hard time putting into words how much I enjoyed it. I want everyone to know how much I love this book and series yet I struggle to do so. Great books have that affect on me. Plus I really don’t want to accidentally say something that would ruin one of the many twists in this book. So I will leave things here.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. For those who haven’t read this series yet I would highly recommend it. For those who have started the series but haven’t made it to this book yet I urge you to hurry up and read it. This is a series that will stick with me for a long time and I definitely can see myself reading this again.

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