Book Review: Dark Currents

There were two things that prompted me to read this book. Firstly it was a monthly read for the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout over on GoodReads. Secondly, it involved Norse mythology. I’m a huge fan of mythology, but I haven’t found many books that involve the Norse Gods and Goddesses so this book had instant appeal for me because of the presence of Hel.

The story itself didn’t draw me in right away. Things were a little slow at first as characters, the location and a few starter events that would be important to the rest of the story were introduced to the reader. In fact it wasn’t until I was a few chapters in that I felt a pull into the story and shortly after that I found myself fairly sucked into it. While things aren’t entirely quick paced throughout I found the pace of the story to be pretty good, with a few slow parts here and there. I know that by the half-way point, perhaps a bit earlier, I didn’t want to put the book down.

While I don’t normally care for stories that have werewolves and vampires in them, their role in this book, outside of Cody who was a main character, was fairly small and therefore I tolerated their presence. What I truly enjoyed was the myriad of characters from Norse mythology, the Frost Giants, the Norns and of course Hel herself. However I would have liked to have seen much more of these characters throughout the book as well as Little Niflheim, which sat under Yggdrasil II. I realize that those characters and places roles were on the smaller side in this story, most likely for a good reason, but I do hope that in future books we see more of them.

As far as characters go there were a bunch of great ones, some that I didn’t care for and some that I felt didn’t get enough time in the book to truly judge them, but I will be looking out for them in the future to see what they may contribute in other books. I think Lurine was among my favorite characters and though I wasn’t sure what a Lamia was at first, I did look it up and it made me enjoy her character even more once I knew, I found her to be a great addition to the book. Cody’s character was a bit too predictable and also fell into the typical ‘oh I’m a werewolf and therefore I’m also a cop’ category, but overall his character wasn’t too bad. Let’s not forget about Stefan, he was one of those characters that stood out yet I feel like I know so little about him. I’m certainly intrigued by his character, he could certainly have a huge impact on Daisy’s character, and am looking forward to finding out more about him as the series progresses.

I also liked Mikill, the Frost Giant, his role was fairly small but I want to see more of him in the future and perhaps more frost giants in general. The first encounter involving Mikill, Daisy and Garm, the dog who guards Yggdrasil, was quite entertaining. Jen, who was Daisy’s best friend, was alright but I felt she wasn’t as strong as she should have been. In fact she downright annoyed me at times, so I was thankful her role was fairly minor. Which brings us finally to the main character Daisy. At first I didn’t really care for her but nor did I hate her, but over time she grew on me. Why was it that she grew on me? Mostly because she wasn’t perfect. She made mistakes, she’s young, she’s not necessarily naive but certainly inexperienced in a number of things and didn’t always fully dive into her roles because of this. She did learn some things over the course of the book but it’s clear that she still has a way to go to get to the level she should be. Of course one thing I didn’t care for about Daisy was the tail, the way it was described and constantly referred to was a little disturbing, but in a way made sense.

Overall enjoyed this one quite a bit. It wasn’t perfect and took a little while for me to get into it but once I was fully absorbed into the story I really began to enjoy it. I will be reading the next book and recommend this one for sure to those who enjoy books that tap into mythology and also fans of fantasy and paranormal genres should like this book.

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