Book Review: Fallen

This is a short story prequel to the Beartooth Montana series.

Fallen gives the reader a quick bit of back story on some of the characters and events that take place in the first book in this series, Unforgiven. The writing in this short story is very solid, beautiful descriptions, a nice mix of characters, good suspense, a dash of romance and of course ending with a great cliffhanger.

Having read Unforgiven before this short story I knew some of what had happened as well as how events worked out in the future with many of these characters. But even so I really enjoyed getting this first look at the series, characters and the murder that set the events of the series in motion. Part of me wishes that this story could have been longer, made into a full length book or perhaps even for another short story to come after this, as there are still a number of things I would like to know about certain characters pasts.

I’d certainly recommend this book to those who might be considering reading this series but haven’t yet started it. In fact, it will still be an enjoyable and quick read to those who have read Unforgiven already. I am looking forward to seeing what else comes of this series, perhaps some more short stories to fill in some gaps as well as full length books.

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