Book Review: Knit Your Own Dog: The Second Litter

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

This book that is great for craft lovers, especially those who knit, but really anyone with time, a bit of patience and a love of dogs will enjoy this book.

I must admit, I’m not a knitter myself, however, if I were to have a bit more time and take up knitting I would jump on the chance to knit some of the dogs found in this book. There is a nice variety of dog breeds that will appeal to just about any dog lover. And if you don’t find the one you are looking forward there is another book, Knit Your Own Dog, that has many others. Now as far as I could tell these designs would be easier for those who are fairly experienced in knitting, that being said beginner knitters may also be able to successfully knit any one of these dogs as long as they were careful to follow the instructions and take their time.

Looking over the patterns I have to say that there were plenty of images showing the different stages of each dog, good description of what needed to be done and an excellent image of the end result. Even though I personally don’t knit I know some people who do and will be asking them to make me some of these dogs in the future. Who knows, this might even give me the push I need to pick up this hobby.

Highly recommended to knitters, both new and old, and those hobby enthusiasts that are looking for something new to try.

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