Book Review: For A Few Demons More

The Hollows has quickly become a series that I have grown to love ever since it was recommended to me by my best friend. It seems that with each book the series gets better and every time I finish the next book I say that it is my favorite even though I said the exact same thing about the previous book.

Of course I was excited going into For A Few Demons More, because so much had happened in the previous book that I just knew it would be good. And it was, it just wasn’t great. While I have come to expect there to be small sections of each book which recap previous events, because lets face it sometimes us readers can’t remember everything while reading a series, it seemed that there was too much recap in this book. Now don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate when authors give me those reminds of what happened in the last book or even two books ago so I’m not wondering what the heck is happening, it just seemed that a large majority of the first half of this book was one big recap. It made me just want to skip through several chapters just to get to the new stuff. But of course I didn’t do that because I knew if I did that then I would miss some small bit of info that would be important later on.

So I stuck with it, suffered through a few bits and then finally I got to the good part. I have to admit I was disappointed to find that things were getting good just as the book was ending. Of course the ending also brought on something that I was not expecting to happen. Something that has temporarily made me take a pause from working my way through the series. For those who have read these book they will know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t started the series, don’t worry, I won’t say what that thing was.

Though this book wasn’t as strong as several of the previous books in this series I still enjoyed it. As usual, Marguerite Gavinn did a wonderful job of narrating this book and really bringing the characters and story to life. I do plan to continue the series because despite how this book ended I still want to see what else is in store for Rachel, Ivy, Jenks and the rest of the characters. I would still recommend this series to anyone who hasn’t started it yet as it is a really great read.

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