Book Review: Forsaken

Going into Forsaken I knew absolutely nothing about the book. I hadn’t even read the synopsis, which is something I rarely do. I knew it was the third book in the Beartooth, Montana series and that was it. I think I wanted to be completely surprised by the content of the book and not have anything given away before starting it.

Let me tell you. This book surprised the hell out of me. Right from page one I was absorbed into the story, the feeling of suspense permeated the pages right from the start and didn’t let up at all. There is something about a book that not only grabs the reader from page one but can continue to hold their full attention right to the very end that shows how much effort and love the author put into that work.

While I loved this book a lot I want to talk about one thing that stood out to me the most. It wasn’t the suspense or the romance, it wasn’t all the small side plots and the twist and turns along the way, it was the main characters. Often times, especially in romance but in many genres as well, the main characters are young, anywhere from teens to early thirties, though most often they fall in the twenties range. In Forsaken the two main characters, Maddie and Bentley, were in their mid-forties. It was so refreshing to see characters who were older, who had lots of life experiences, had dealt with both good and bad, but mostly weren’t silly teens making stupid mistakes that all silly teens make. Many of the other characters in this book also were on the older side, such as Sheriff Frank Curry, Nettie Benson, J.D. West and others. There were those who were younger but their roles were small and honestly having so many old characters seemed to reflect the nature of the town, Beartooth, as a small community whose families had been there for a long time and stuck with things even with the town having little to offer.

The flow of this book was really good and I found myself reading huge chunks of it but feeling that only a few minutes had passed, then before I knew it I had read the whole thing in one sitting. However there is one part of this book, in all the books in this series so far, that makes me sort of shake my head. There is always some part, usually at the beginning, where it says how nice of a town Beartooth, that it is safe and how little crime there is, yet in every book there is at least one murder and there isn’t a lot of time between one book and the next, so clearly that safe little town isn’t as safe as the people who live there think it is. But hey, nothing is perfect right?

Overall I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was as close to perfect as a book can get. I honestly can’t help but recommend this series, as well as the author, to anyone and everyone. I will definitely be continuing on with this series, in fact I already have the next book ready to read and review, and cannot wait to see what else happens in the small town of Beartooth Montana.

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