Book Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Undead

This is the second book in The Hollows series.

Last year my best friend recommended The Hollows series for me to read. Since we have similar tastes I decided to give it a try and really enjoyed the first book. I had planned to immediately start the second book after finishing that one and yet it was almost five months later that I finally got around to listening to this audio book. I can’t believe I waited so long to get to book two. I really enjoyed this one, I’m not sure if I enjoyed it more than the first book or not but it was pretty darn close.

Because of the large gap between finishing the first book and starting this one I at first struggled to remember details that would be important to the story as it progressed, but I found that as things moved forward I would remember more and more from the previous book and no longer felt so lost.I found the flow of this book to be pretty good, though admittedly I found the first half to go by faster than the last half, even though a lot of things happened in the last half that helped to tie up a number of loose ends. I think I found the last half a little less appealing because of Ivy and what happened to her.

As far as characters go there are still the ones I enjoyed from the first book. Rachel is still a good character, though she makes some mistakes in this book and some of them have bad results, while others are hilarious. I still love Ivy’s character though near the end less so, but mostly because a lot of things are now up in the air for her and it makes me wonder what will happen to her as the series progresses. The relationship between these two definitely has some interesting elements to it and we get to see more struggles in this book as well as a few things that help to strengthen their friendship.

It was nice to see more about Trent, but wow I wasn’t expecting that. I knew something big would be revealed about his at some point and yet even knowing that I felt that I was caught off guard by when the truth about his was revealed. Again I shall be waiting see how things unfold for him now that his secret is out to a certain extent.

However, my favorite character was by far the demon Algaliarept. His role was a lot bigger in this book and certainly made things a lot more interesting, not just for Rachel but a number of characters. I loved how he appeared differently to each person who summoned him and there was a definite joy in his presence when he was either getting his way or experiencing a certain characters fear. This is another character where I am looking forward to seeing how things progress for him and those that are directly affected by him as well as those indirectly affected.

I laughed quite a bit with this book, the whole humans afraid of tomatoes thing is still entertaining to me. I think my favorite humorous part was the scene with the “bottle of coagulated blood” but I won’t go into details about it, you have to read the book to fully understand that one. As well, the accident with Rachel’s familiar and a number of other points along the way left me chuckling. I admit that at times I was shaking my head over the things Rachel was doing, because clearly they were bad decisions made in fear or anger, but sometimes they did work out, perhaps not how she had intended them to but they did help in the end, while other times they totally screwed her.

Overall I enjoyed this book quite a bit. It’s got a lot of the things that I liked about the first book and new aspects added that have me guessing just what will happen as the series progresses. I think quite a few people will enjoy this series, especially those who enjoy books in the paranormal genre. I am looking forward to starting the next book and continuing on with the series.

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