Book Review: The Last Savannah

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

When I first saw this book the cover caught my attention. Then I read the synopsis and knew I had to read it. Yet it was the story itself that truly won me over. The opening of the book alone is so beautifully written that it was hard not to fall instantly into the story. It definitely feels like you are right there in Africa watching the events unfold with your own eyes, smelling the grass and animals, hearing their calls. Mike Bond certainly has a way with words that paints such a vivid picture throughout the duration of this story.

I admit that I didn’t feel a huge connection to the characters in this story. Yes their own stories were quite interesting and unique, but at the same time they were only a fraction of the story itself. Though of all the characters that were in this book, and there were a nice variety of them, I think I liked Warwar the best. At first he is doing everything wrong, he is poaching elephants and other creatures, yet as things progress he grows as a person and not only becomes more responsible but also becomes a character that you appreciate more. Of course what he does at the end is fairly shocking yet seems like a fitting end to it all.

However, I think the most important character of all in this book is Africa itself. From the wide stretching savanna, to the thick forests, to the scorching desert, the animals in each of these areas and the challenges of the weather, that is where the book truly shines. Though the book encounters all those areas the majority happens within the desert and during that part the reader can feel as if they too are in that sweltering heat, with it’s endless sand dunes, predators lurking at the few precious waterholes available.

The story has many aspects from love and lose, to struggles for survival, chances lost and long awaited reunions. This is the kind of book where just about anyone can enjoy it because it encompasses so much and is placed in such a beautiful and yet dangerous setting. I will admit I found a few spots to be a bit slow and hence why it didn’t get a full five-star ratings. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. I will be looking at reading more books by Mike Bond in the future.

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