Book Review: The Wolf of Tebron

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

I will admit I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this book and even after I had received my copy for review I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I can’t explain why I had these doubts about this book but they definitely kept me from picking it up for quite some time. However once I started this book I began to realize that my doubts about it were most likely ill placed.

The story starts off both slow but a bit intriguing with the prologue outlining an important event that will affect the life of the main character Joran. Initially I didn’t see the connection to this seemingly random prologue until nearly the end. It was then that I realized that this was a small piece of back story that would become relevant much later on in the book. After this the book takes on a fairly typical fantasy novel feel to it, with a common person going off on a quest that will be perilous and change them in ways they may not have expected.

Joran wasn’t a character that I felt an instant connection to. In fact it took me quite a while, nearly the whole book, to come to like him and even then his character didn’t truly feel overly important. Ruyah, the wolf, was a pretty good character and companion to Joran throughout the many journeys he had to undertake in order to try to save his wife. He offered advice, warmth, food and his friendship on the journey.

The story is quite well written for the most part. The flow was really good and though I initially didn’t feel a strong pull into the story I also had no desire to set the book down either. The words flowed smoothly which made the pages fly by. At least up until around the half way point. This was where things started to get a repetitive feeling as Joran started out on the second and then third leg of his journey. I could already see what would await him at the end and what struggled he would face along the way, so I was starting to lose a bit of interest in the story at this point. I was really hoping things would change and the pace to pick up again but I felt like it would just keep in this cycle until the end of the book and for the most part it did.

Things picked up again as the book started to get close to the end. There was a bit of action, and though it was small it really helped to renew my interest in the book. Things moved fairly quickly after this. And as the end of the book approached we finally get to meet Charris, Jorna’s wife, and while her presence in the book is small her role is fairly large and important. Things are revealed about Joran and though a few of them I saw coming by this point it wasn’t all obvious.

Overall this was a fairly decent book. It was a quick read, with an appealing writing style. It was repetitive and did get annoying because of the similarities between each leg of his journey. I think fans of fantasy will enjoy this one. I may check out the rest of the series to see what else happens in this world but I am not going to be in a huge rush to do so.

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