Book Review: Childhood’s End

Childhood’s End is considered by some to be a classic among the Science Fiction genre. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect out of this book when I bought it as an audiobook. I have wanted to explore some older Science Fiction books and this one seemed like the perfect place to start.

I thought that the story overall was an interesting one. The Overlords come to Earth and take control of everything, though not through violence, and it is their influence and control that eliminates things such as diseases, poverty and fear. Humanity seems to be for the better since the Overlords have come and yet know next to nothing about their alien rulers. It was an interesting concept to see how earth would react to not only the arrival of aliens but also ones who want to control us for the betterment of our species, even if in the end means the end of the human race as a whole.

The narration was good however there wasn’t a huge amount of distinction between the various characters voices, so I did find at times having to rewind a bit to listen to a bit of dialog a second time in order to see who was talking. I’m not sure if it was the story or the narration but I found my attention waning throughout, especially the first three quarters of the book and then I found it hard to remember what had happened and so it made the next section of the book a bit confusing. However in spite of this I did find the first six hours or so of the story fly by, even though I couldn’t remember details from it, yet the last two hours dragged on.

Sadly I can’t remember enough because of my tendency to get distracted and my mind wandering while listening to the book however I did enjoy it and glad to have added it to my pile of now read books. I would recommend this to those who enjoy Science Fiction and are looking for something different to read, though I’m not sure if I would recommend it as an audiobook or for them to go and buy the physical copy.

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