Book Review: Cobra Alliance

This book starts the Cobra War trilogy which happens after the Cobra Trilogy, which I did not read.

The book starts of a bit slow, introducing the main character along with several minor characters whose roles are limited to those first few chapters. As these first events play out the reader is given a fairly good idea of just what a Cobra is and how their training goes, along with showing the view of the general public along with government officials of the Cobras. I feel that a bit more could have been said about the Cobras at this point but it was enough to satisfy me as there was still plenty of book left to describe more of these soldiers and their abilities.

One nice thing about this book is that the main character, Jin, is in her fifties. All too often in books, not just science fiction but all genres, the main characters are young, randing from teens to mid-thirties. To see an older character in the spotlight was quite refreshing. However I did find her character to be fairly weak. For a well -trainer soldier with all this advanced technology in her she seemed to miss a lot of things, didn’t seem to understand much and generally seemed not as useful as she should have been. Eventually there was a reason given that was a fairly good excuse as to why she wasn’t as sharp as she should be, but her character still felt a bit off to me.Now there were plenty of younger characters in this book, including Jin’s children and several other important persons, but also those who were older than Jin. The other characters in the book weren’t very memorable. In fact other than Jin’s son who accompanies her I can’t really recall details about them, they were simply there to help the story and Jin along.

I found that there was an overall lack of descriptions in this book. Be it about the species, worlds and technology. I felt that this information was left out because the author was assuming that the previous trilogy had been read and therefore there was no reason to give even a bare bones description of many things. One example in particular deals with the Qasaman race, for a long time I was wondering just what this race looked like as they were never described and then just before the end of the book it was mentioned that they were humans. I feel that information should have been given ahead of time because for a good portion of the book I kept trying to figure out what kind of alien race they were and what their distinctive features were. Some things were described in fairly good details but overall that information was lacking throughout most of the book.

Another thing that somewhat bothered me with how the main character, along with her son, seemed to constantly wince and grimace. This was a reaction to what others said, did, and at times their own words or actions. It seemed almost annoying to constantly see those two things popping up every page or so. The occasional wince or grimace would have been find but not during almost every conversation or experience that the character was going through.

Overall this book was an okay read. I definitely felt that because I did not read the first trilogy and the overall lack of information about nearly everything going on that I was missing too much. Had I read that first trilogy I feel that I would have enjoyed this book quite a bit more. I think this book will appeal to science fiction fans, however I would highly recommend reading the Cobra Trilogy first before diving into this trilogy so that you have the whole story to work with. I will be reading the rest of this trilogy in the future but first plan to go back and read the first three books to better understand things.

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