Book Review: The Chrysalids

I’m not a fan of the classics, might not ever be. But ignoring that I wanted to read The Chrysalids to see just what this story is about. I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading the synopsis but I decided to give it a try.

I will admit that I absolutely hated the book at first. Not only did I fail to see how this could be Science Fiction but I also hated how the story was bogged down by religion. Now I understand that religion and following these strict guidelines of what is pure and right and what isn’t is a major part of this story. But I couldn’t help but feel like that religion and thinking was being shoved down my throat for the first half and I nearly gave up on the book because of it. I don’t mind if religion is part of a book but this one just seemed too saturated in it.

However things picked up a bit in the second half once David, Petra and Rosiland were on the movie to safety. This was when I felt the book had some potential. And honestly it did turn into a decent read at this point. Watching them try to escape and survive with the help of their other unique friends, though mostly it was Michael who helped them. Yet even this part had a number of speeches about the Tribulation and other topics that had drowned the first half of the book.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy was coming up on the ending. When the two sides were just starting to class and I was looking forward to a battle and what would be the outcome of it, and then the ship appears to save the day. I felt horribly disappointed that there wasn’t more action and suspense happening at that time. It was obvious things would be okay for them. And then the ending just kind of happened, it felt too sudden, not enough things were explained.

I can say that I didn’t are for the book a lot but it did have some interesting points that caused me to give it that three star rating. I think the highlight for me were the great horses and that almost battle. I am glad that I got a chance to read this one even though it wasn’t a great read. Fans of classics will surely enjoy this one.

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