December 2019 Tokyo Treat – Otaku Holiday

Tokyo Treat is a monthly subscription box sent from Japan filled with snacks and drinks. This month had the theme Otaku Holiday and featured some items that are only available during the holiday season. After enjoying the November box, I was really excited to try the December 2019 Tokyo Treat. I was lucky enough to get a three-month subscription to Tokyo Treat from my husband as a Christmas gift.

If you want to experience all that Tokyo Treat has to offer, then sign up today!

December 2019 Tokyo Treat

Orange Kit Kat

Chocolate and orange can be very hit or miss. It all is dependent upon the balance of flavors being right. Luckily, these Kit Kats were perfect. The chocolate flavor was strong and then right at the end, there was a hint of orange.

Kirby Melon Cream Soda

A watermelon-flavored soda, which I was eager to try. While it did initially taste good, it was far too weird to drink the whole thing. The drink requires shaking before opening, something you normally wouldn’t do with soda. Despite shaking it, the gel that was inside the drink was still solid, which made it too thick to drink. Had it been a regular soda, I feel like I would have enjoyed it more.

Splatoon 2 Gel Candy

This gel candy was a bit too strange for my liking. It was thick and really hard to get out of the package.

Chocolate Waffle

I loved this. A simple waffle cookie coated in chocolate. You can’t go wrong with that.

Detective Conan Chocolate Wafer

I had high hopes for this one, but it was a bit lacking.

Dragon Ball Super Card Gum

As a non-gum chewer, this was alright. It didn’t really have any flavor to it.

Ebi Mayonnaise Umaibo

This was one of the best, if not the best items in this box. This tasted like eating a shrimp salad sandwich, but instead of bread, there was corn flavor from the umaibo. I wish there had been more than just one included.

Chocolate Flake

Another great treat. The chocolate flake was light and had the perfect amount of chocolate flavor to it. These tiny little cookie-like treats were perfect.

Calbee Chocolate Chips

I would never have thought to combine chips and chocolate. Although I have certainly eaten those two items back to back before, actually combining them, that’s a whole other story. The light drizzle of chocolate on the chips makes this snack really enjoyable. It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Caramel Taro

This snack was weird but also pretty tasty. The caramel taste was completely lacking though. I am curious as to why the snacks were peanut-shaped.

Pachi Pachi Cola Popping Candy

By far this was the best popping candy I’ve ever had. It puts Pop Rocks to shame. The candy crystals were quite large and they really did pop like crazy. The cola flavor was light but just enough for you to know it was there.

Kumamon Sparrow Eggs

I didn’t really like these. They were just a bit too weird.

Horadekita! Ice Bar DIY Kit

This was great. I love the idea behind DIY candy kits. It was supposed to be soda flavored, however, I thought it tasted and smelled more like fruit than soda. Even so, it was a fun treat to make and eat.

Spicy Soy Sauce Corn Snacks

I wasn’t sure what to think of these at first. I’m not a fan of spicy food, so I was worried that I wouldn’t like them. However, they were not spicy at all. The soy sauce flavor mixed perfectly with the corn to make a delicious little treat.

Boruto Energy Gummies

Having never had an energy drink before, I wasn’t sure what to expect flavor-wise. They didn’t really have much flavor to them but it was pretty good to eat.

One Piece Cookies

I loved these cookies. They were like chocolate chip cookies where all of the chocolate chips were concentrated in one area. Certainly one of the best items in this box.

The December 2019 Tokyo Treat was quite the food adventure. There were a lot of good items, along with a few strange ones. If you are looking to experience the flavors of Japan, I would recommend signing up for this subscription box.

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  1. I used to love chocolate oranges when I was a kid so a chocolate kitkat sounds really neat and the chocolate chips would also be pretty awesome! Not so sure about the rest of these haha, but trying new things is always fun..also the packaging on this stuff is crazy. It’s so busy, like walking through a candy aisle here you can probably pick out specific treats really easily due to very specific packaging but thier packaging is so much brighter and busier I bet you’d have to search a bit more. So neat!

    1. I loved those chocolate oranges as well, but these Kit Kats are even better. I do agree that the packaging is a bit busy, but it’s also kind of fun. Makes packaging in the stores here seem so boring in comparison.

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