December Japan Crate Review

Snack subscription boxes are the best. They bring all kinds of wonderful tasting items to your door. There are quite a few snack subscription boxes, but the best of them, in my opinion, come from Japan. Japan Crate is one of several snack-filled subscription boxes and you can get. After enjoying the November box, I was really looking forward to what the December Japan Crate had in store.

If you are interested in experiencing Japan through snacks, then be sure to give Japan Crate a try.

December Japan Crate

Rich Cheese Pizza Chips

I’ll be honest, these chips kind of terrified me. I love chips, and I love pizza, but seeing that they had blue cheese in them made me extremely hesitant. I had little to worry about. The blue cheese smell and taste were not there. I can’t say that they were pizza-flavored through. The cheese taste stood out, but that’s where the similarity to pizza ended. Even so, a pretty tasty chip.

Chocolate Waffle

This was really good. The chocolate coating on the waffle cookie was nice. It helped to accentuate the taste of the cookie while giving it a bit of extra sweetness.

Awadama Apple

This little apple-flavored hard candy was great. It had a slight fizziness to it, which added to the experience. The flavor itself wasn’t overly strong but just enough to know it was indeed apple-flavored.

Bears Gummy Grape

Japan loves tiny gummies in different shapes. Case in point, this single bear-shaped gummy. The grape flavor really stood out in this one. I just wish there had been more than a single small gummy.

Mini Bottle

A small bottle of flavored powder. There were three possible flavors, cider, lemon, or strawberry. I ended up with the lemon. The flavor was mild, which is good because lemon can be a bit powerful at times. It was reminiscent of pixie sticks but far less sweet.

Christmas Black Thunder

The best item from this month’s box. Black Thunder is one of the most popular candy bars in Japan and I can see why. It is a chocolate cookie with crisp puffed rice wrapped in even more chocolate. You really can’t go wrong with that!

Nomuccho Melon Jelly

A fun little DIY kit where you create a melon-flavored jelly. The interesting part was that the more it was stirred, the thicker it would get. I really enjoyed the flavor of this one, however, after giving it a very thorough stir, the consistency was a bit offputting.

Chocolate Umaibo

I have grown to love umaibo since first trying it last month. However, this one was a bit of a miss. The corn and chocolate did not go together very well.

Mario Wii Gum

It’s flavorless gum. Nothing special here.

Soda Gum

More gum. I’m not a gum person, but I have to say I did enjoy the light soda flavor of this one.

Winter Cheesecake Koala March

I’ve had Koala March before, but this cheesecake-flavored one wasn’t all that great. That is likely because I don’t care for the taste of cheesecake.

Super Shigekikkusu Melon Cream Soda

When they say super sour, they mean it! I honestly thought these would not be sour, but the second this candy hit my tongue I was hit by such a sour flavor that I couldn’t take it. If you love sour candy then this would be perfect.

Salted Ramune

These grapefruit-flavored candies were light on flavor but quite enjoyable.

Chameleon Candy

These reminded me of Black Balls candy. They are hard candy that changes color as you suck on them and the flavor changes as well. Each candy had one flavor to it, though most of the ones I got were lemon flavored. I’m honestly not sure what the other flavors were, as they weren’t strong enough for me to figure out.

Autumn Chestnut Kit Kats

I’m not a huge chestnut person, but I have to say these chestnut Kit Kat’s were wonderful. Japan does Kit Kat so well.

Sherbert Grape

A grape-flavored sucker with more grape-flavored power to dip it in. I liked this one, though I have to say the flavor of the powder wasn’t as strong as the sucker. Still good though.

Chocolate Hit Flakes

I loved these. Super chocolatey flavor in a wonderfully flakey treat. The only thing that could have made it better is if there were more of these included in the box.

Apple Coca Cola

I’ve had this before, so I knew what to expect. The apple flavor is light but works well with Coca-Cola. Unlike American Coca-Cola, this one is far less acrid and is actually enjoyable to drink.

The December Japan Crate really brought lots of different flavors and experiences this month. Overall, the experience was a great one. There were so many snacks to enjoy. Really, the hardest part of the whole thing is deciding what order to try them in.

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  1. What a fun box!! I absolutely love food subscription boxes with food from other countries! Japan seems to have some unique items and I love that they have so many flavors of Kit-Kats! Though I’ve never had a chestnut before so I don’t know if I’d like them. That’s a bummer though that they only gave you that one single gummy bear! And I never would have thought to put apple flavor and Coca-Cola together! Weird, but cool!

    This was so much fun to read!! I may have to try this box one day! 🙂

    Emily |

    1. It really was fun. I absolutely love the variety of items that they send. Japan really knows how to make the most out of Kit Kats. Chestnut isn’t an overly strong flavor, so I feel like most people would like them. I hope you do give it a try one day.

    1. They were both tasty items. These boxes are great for experiencing fun new flavors.

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